How to Use the Wishlist

Hi, everyone! :wave:

You all have amazing ideas about what we can do with our products, website, and app! We’re excited to work together with you to create a wonderful experience for all Wyze customers. :handshake:

Here’s how you can share your ideas with us:


If you have an idea you want to share with us, please search the Wishlist to see if your topic is already being discussed. (This link will automatically also search Wishlist subcategories, see below.) Adding votes to existing topics raises their rank and is better than having lots of smaller topics about the same thing. This also saves your poor Mod Squad time spent merging topics. :pleading_face:

You can learn more about searching the Wishlist and other categories for your topics here. If there isn’t an existing topic yet, please submit a new one!! These will be reviewed by a moderator for acceptance into the Wishlist. Here are some general guidelines about making the best request post ever:

  1. Posts should be about individual requests instead of grouping multiple topics together. Please make multiple posts for multiple requests!

  2. Your post should be detailed. Please make sure you tell us what product, page, or other specific areas you’d like to see adjusted. Full product names, page links, annotated images, etc. will make it easier for the Wyze team to understand what you’re asking for and that makes it easier for us to implement it!

  3. If a Mod needs further clarification about your request while processing your submission, you will receive a Personal Message (PM) from that Mod. We will keep the submission open for 5 days while waiting for a reply from you. So please keep an eye out! Your submission will be closed and need to be resubmitted if you miss that deadline.

  4. If your post is very similar to an existing topic, a Mod will steer you to the existing one and close your newer submission. If conversation is already happening in the newer submission, it may be merged into the existing topic. This allows us to see popularity of requests and it’s easier for us to make sure your voice is heard.

  5. Due to the large number of submissions that are the same as easily found existing topics, we now require that users spend a bit of time on the forum before submitting a new Wishlist request. Therefore Trust Level 0 (TL0: New User) members are restricted from submitting new Wishlist topics. Attaining the next Trust Level (TL1) currently only requires having having viewed 5 topics, read 30 posts, and spent 10 minutes reading. (Added June 2023)

  6. Users may only submit new topics for consideration in the top level Wishlist category. If you attempt to post in a wishlist subcategory (see below), you will see a popup message “You’re not allowed to create topics in this category…” when attempting to create a new topic.


We want to see how many people share your interest in a request and what kind of impact it would have on our users. If you see a topic you want to come to fruition, please vote for it by pressing the Vote button at the top-left corner of the page! It looks like this:


Make sure you remember to vote for your own submission! It’s always sad to see a request with zero votes.

In the comments for requests you agree with, please describe your use case or add any other details to show how the request would impact your Wyze experience! That information makes it easier for Wyze to prioritize requests, understand the needs of our users, and think of alternative solutions if the community request won’t work for some reasons. You may even see occasional Wyze employees or our volunteers pop in to ask questions or respond to folks. :partying_face:

Check the Status

We plan to update the status so that you know where your request is in the pipeline by placing topics in the following subcategories and assigning locked tags. The subcategories (capitalized) and tags (lower case) we use are:

Wishes Granted

  • wish-granted - We made it through all the development and this request has been released to the public!

In Progress

  • testing - This request is currently going through internal or external testing. We’re almost there!
  • development - The request is currently in development but isn’t ready for testing yet.
  • researching - We’re looking into this and trying to select a good method for implementation but we’re not at a point of working on it yet.

Maybe Later

  • maybe-later - This isn’t on our internal roadmap at this point but we’ve seen and considered it. Sometimes features that we plan to implement later but haven’t come up in the pipeline are in this category.

Probably Not

  • probably-not - We’ve read and considered this but it’s pretty unlikely to happen. We’ll generally try to make a reply about why it’s in this category. Votes are still open here so we can check for anything that should be reconsidered especially if hardware or tech changes make requests more feasible.

We also have tags for things like app, integration, etc. to make it easier for the Wyze team to find content related to their area of work. :muscle:


We love to hear use cases and comments are welcome. But if your comment will be “+1” or, “Me, too!” please vote instead. This will help keep the threads easier to read and make sure that your vote is actually counted. We absolutely want your perspective to be added to the conversation if you have something you want to add to the discussion!

Thanks for your time! We’re delighted to be on this journey with you. :heart:



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Great idea and implementation. What do you think about splitting the topic into 2 flows? One is for items that can be implemented though firmware updates to existing cameras (i.e ones that readers have already purchased) and the other for items that will need improvements to the design of the cameras (i.e ones requiring the purchase of “new” cameras). Since your firmware is not open source it is very difficult for a user to see what could be accomplished with a “simple” firmware/app upgrade compared to what requires a design change - obviously the request for the ‘color’ black is hardware but many other items requested are not obviously hardware vs software.


We could probably use a couple of tags to group posts this way within #roadmap but it would take some effort to get tags assigned. @UserCustomerGwen, your thoughts?

Yes a point, but does this tagging not being done anyway otherwise how would the request to directed to the correct solution provider (or potential solution provider) within Wyze?

Sorry, I am totally not getting your reply. Could you try to restate it?


Update: post are now being tagged as researching, maybe-later, in-development, launched or testing to give users an idea of the status.

We are also considering splitting this category into Roadmap and Wish List, with the former being features that are planned and the latter being feature requests that are not yet in the definite plans. If you have thoughts on this, please post below.


This might be the better idea , Maybe a little less confusing , And seems like it would be less work than Getting things tagged

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I like that. Would also like to see some or more feedback from Wyze on the feasibility of a Roadmap item. “Maybe Later” really doesn’t tell us anything. For example: More flexible detection zones. Is that even possible with the current hardware? You’re asking us to vote, but at some point, say at 50 or 100 votes, don’t we deserve a little more feedback from Wyze? Managing expectations is important.

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I would highly support this. it would be very clear cut for ideas vs support


Hi, my six Wyze Cams are arriving today, so I’m getting all signed up and into the community. I’m very excited.

I am also a software product manager and I love this approach to your roadmap visibility and capturing/displaying votes back on the main menu of features. Would you mind letting me know if the forum code is homegrown, or are you using a SaaS vendor? :wink: Thanks.

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Welcome to our community!

We’re happy to hear that you’re enjoying our Roadmap. As for your question, I wasn’t involved with the forum design so I don’t have that answer for you. Sorry about that!

Thanks for the response–is it something overly difficult to find out?

Yup! We’re using Discourse for this forum though the vote aspect is an available option but we modified some sections with a custom build. :slight_smile:


You’re awesome–thank you so much!!


You’re welcome! And you’re awesome, too! :smiley:

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Can you give us some color on the criteria Wyze uses to determine if/when things move from no comment to maybe-later to researching, etc…

Looking at the items in-development, It seems customer feedback and their votes play a smaller role than I initially thought.

Sure thing!

  • launched - Has already been sent out to the public.
  • testing - Usually means that it’s in beta testing though recently we used this for alpha features.
  • in-development - Means that we’re actively working on it but we’re not ready for external testing.
  • researching - We’re looking into this and trying to select a good method for implementation but we’re not at a point of working on it yet.
  • maybe-later - This isn’t on our internal roadmap at this point but we’ve seen and considered it. Sometimes features that we plan to implement later but haven’t come up in the pipeline are in this category.

As for the in-development items, many of these had more votes with previous voting methods. But while there is a strong correlation between requests and features we work on, it’s not a perfect one. This is impacted by our ability to deliver the feature, if we found a method to implement it during the research stage, if something paves the way for a future feature, company goals, and what our resources are. Many of the features that we’re currently working on entered the pipeline before the Roadmap launched.


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