Wyze shortcuts on iOS widget screen

Bump because I would love a widget. Loading the app to turn on a light is the worst

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Yeah, but can you use the wyze app in landscape mode? We’ve been waiting YEARS for that “feature”. Go ahead, make shortcuts, but don’t ask the app to work sideways. :neutral_face:

I appreciate the attempt for wyze to make widgets for the iOS, but it needs better functionality.
A widget is supposed to provide a limited level of control to the user for accessing quick shortcuts without opening full app (i.e. turning on/off a light or a group of lights, locking/unlocking a door, or activating color/intensity for a bulb or group of bulbs that are preset in the full app). All this without opening the full app.

For my widgets, the device widget just opens the app up. I can set it for any device I want, but it opens the full app. I appreciate the quick access to my device settings, but opening the full app takes away from the whole point of a widget.

For the device list widget, none of my device show up on the widget. I don’t know if its due to some of them being in groups or not, but even if they were all separated they would probably just open the full app.


Bump. This is a no-brainer, and it’s keeping me from making the move to Wyze for all my lighting and smart plugs. I continue using another smart-device brand due to the simple fact that their widget allows me to switch devices on/off right from the widget without opening the app. We’re running out of different ways to tell you the same thing. You’re losing potential sales here.

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I don’t have an iOS version that supports Widgets, so I can’t check – but this is marked as launched, so they really can’t go further than that. If there is some extra functionality that Widgets don’t have, please submit a wishlist item to add that functionality. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind response. What is the proper way to submit a wishlist item?

It’s basically just a “+ Add Topic” when in the Wishlist Forum (link below), but I think the Mods have to approve it, so there may be a delay (they approve it because so many people submit items already on the Wishlist).

How to use the Wishlist:


Many thanks!

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I added a 4-action Wyze widget to my iPad screen, but the widget selected the 4 hardware to perform the actions. One of the hardware is the camera hub, which, of corse is useless in a widget. Does anyone know how to edit the Wyze hardware listed in the widget? If I can get it right I’m going to love it!

You choose the four by arranging your device list in the main app. The four at the top of your device list are the ones which show I’m the quick access widget. Not a great method but it’s what they used.

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Thanks so much. Not a great method I agree, but it’s something….

I am also interested in a quick way to use the app with less taps, I would like to see integration with Wyze on the Control Center to assess rules. Thank you!

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This is the most frustrating thing. I don’t want new products, I want a better user experience. We should be able to pick exactly what wyze shortcuts and devices we want to see in a home screen widget for iOS/Android and also have apple watch integration with wyze shortcuts.

I have also looked for more current and open wishlist threads and there isn’t that much engagement on this topic either. I guess I hope someone sees this and gets it prioritized.

I know IFTTT exists but the delay is crazy long and I can’t have it turn off my 8 bulbs without having to pay for those features. Can you please do better?


I’m very surprised this hasn’t been implemented yet. I was an early adopter of wyze and still a huge fan. But now, with so many wyze prodcucts, controlling them on iOS is cumbersome. Having to open the app and find my wyze product… this can be improved. Let’s get this feature!

The feature says ‘launched’. Is it not available?

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It is on my iOS device. here is an image

you basically long press on the home screen the click the + at the top left. You then scroll down to the Wyze App and select the Device, Event, or Hime Monotoring Option.

For the Device one to load automatically, the App would need to be running in the background.


Thanks for this. I didn’t realize it was available!

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While widgets have been launched, the ability to have Rules Shortcuts as a widget has not. The only widget options available as of now are Device, Event and Home Monitoring.

This topic was apparently marked as launched in error. I have changed it back.

Examples from a couple of other companies of what is being asked for:

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This is great to have available.
Are we able to edit what of our myriad of devices, cams, etc show up in each of the IOS widget views? For example, I have 2 of 7 cams to show along with events from those same 2 cams.

Well, yes and no (for the existing camera/event widgets). There are three sizes of widgets each for devices and events. Only the single-device widget is customizable to designate which device. The 4-device and 8-device widgets show the top 4 or 8 devices or device groups in your list from the app’s home screen and cannot be changed. The 1-, 4- and 8-event widgets show the last 1, 4 or 8 events recorded on any camera (this cannot be changed).

You can make a widget stack out of 2 or more single-device widgets by dragging on atop the other (see Apple support documentation for more details). You can then rotate among devices by dragging within the widget. You can also stack the single-event widget with any number of single-device widgets. You cannot stack the larger widgets.

Note that the device widgets are static: they are essentially just shortcuts to the device’s main screen in the app. The event widgets display a static thumbnail of the event. To view the event stream, you must click the event widget to open the event in the app.

Hope that helps.