Wyze Watch - Shortcuts widget on home screen

With the Wyze app still lacking the option to add a Shortcuts or Rules widget to the Android/iOS home screen so I can quickly enable/disable the cameras or notifications on my way out the door without having to open the app > select the shortcut > exit the app, I went ahead and purchased the Wyze Watch after seeing it offered shortcuts to the app rules however it doesn’t appear to be much easier than through the app still requiring you to make multiple taps.

The Wyze Watch doesn’t have any menus sliding from the left on the home screen - this would be a great spot to add the Shortcuts setup in the Wyze app (or even allow us to add one of the other watch functions such as the Activity, Alarm, Weather, etc. for faster access.)

So far I am enjoying the Watch and what it otherwise offers but having a quick tap & go solution for turning the Wyze Cams and notifications on/off was the goal with purchasing it.

Just wanted to add a note that with the latest firmware update 0.3.91 for the 44mm, we can now customize the order of the apps which allows me to place the Shortcuts button at the top of the list - this is a great step forward to having quick access to enabling cameras/notifications! Thanks Wyze!

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