Widget Suggestion

I know there are a number of features that have been requested but one I’d like is (android specific) the ability to place a sizable widget on the home screen for quicker access.

I would suggest that users select for each widget either:

a chosen camera view

a scrollable selection of cameras

A choice of one of the short cuts

Toggle for notifications


Suggestions for implementation:

Refresh camera image when tapped

Refresh camera image on a set schedule (when screen is on) 5 minutes, 10 minutes etc

Allow more than one widget to be added to a home screen

Allow double tap to go full screen from widget

When full screen place a button the view to launch that full app

Allow the widgets to be sizable





I’ve added your request to Wyze’s feature request tracker.

On an even more basic level, just a widget that disables and enables motion detection would be great. I use IFTTT but there are no Wyze widgets within that service. Although I have created IFTTT triggers to enable/disable motion detection when I leave/return home, 1) it’s highly unreliable, and 2) sometimes I want motion detection enabled even when I am home. But it’s very cumbersome to have to tap on the Wyze app, sit through the lag of it starting up (and I’m using a Galaxy Note 8), and then hitting the shortcut button there.

Go back to IFTTT and create an applet start with the DO button (a native IFTTT app) as the If and then the That is enable motion detection. Place with the widget on your phones home screen. Note this does require two widgets one for on and one for off since their isn’t a “toggle” option.

It’s not native support but it does work.

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I am a fool. Thank you very much for this advice! Sorry for cluttering this thread.

No worries. Native support is still something I want (and others) along with more options.

Would love to see an iPhone widget. Kuna has one that works really well…thanks!

IFTTT Widgets also work on iOS although I haven’t used them in a very long time because they only went on the quick settings screen not on the home screens.