Android widgets enhancements

I’d like to make a widget request for Android. I like that they are an option but if they’re just linking to a device, they’re much too large. Also, it would be nice for things that are able to be toggled to have a widget do that. For example, lights or lock. It would be convenient to be able to tap the widget and toggle that device.

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Agreed. I want to toggle my light bulbs. The widget doesn’t even refresh properly so it doesn’t report the status of the bulb properly so it’s pretty much useless as it is right now for bulbs.

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It’s way too hard to unlock the door.

  1. start the app
  2. click Front Door
  3. click Locked to unlock

I’d like a widget that does it all in one step.

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Update widget to represent wyze!

The widget currently for the application is big bulky not very many options and it also doesn’t look like it really represents wyze as company. Also maybe include more options for quick responses like unlocking or locking a door or I’m home or away quick activation ability to directly bring up video from a camera all without having to open the application.


Seconding this! Two specific requests:L

  1. Make a 1x1 widget (same size as app icons)
  2. Allow you to trigger plug groups from a widget.

Please make the widget 1x1. A 2x2 widget takes up so much real estate on my home screen for just one device…this could be 4 devices.


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Widgets - 1x1 instead of 2x2

Please make smaller widgets available! Especially for devices such as sensors. No need for having a large widget for those. Thanks!


2x1 is perfect compromise.

If only we were doing this in software and could offer a choice.

+1 vote for me!


Garage door open/close toggle widget…yes please


I also want to be able to say “Hey Google, open my garage door” and have it work. I built one myself that can do this, but replaced it with Wyze. The widget would be a fine alternative to the Hey Google method, but having to go to the app, find the garage door, wait for it to open (God Forbid wait for 2 factor auth), with for it to load, then push the button? This is almost useless without a fast widget.


I’m able to use Hello Google for switches and lights.

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Great post! If you haven’t already voted for this wish, be sure to scroll to the top and press the Vote button!

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Ah, good catch. I did, thanks.

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1x1 widget for “shortcut” rules, how come you haven’t thought of that? :slight_smile:

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I agree. Currently the widgets don’t even work on my Android on my V3 Outdoors. Just on my V2 Outdoors. This is already known and being corrected in Ver 2.35

But. I would like to see more customization with the widgets, just an overall better appearance. 1x1 for sure, and a transparency option . I am not all about looks, but they are really ugly at this point. I get they just came out, that’s fair. But I would like to see more work put into improving them and providing more options. This has my vote

I don’t know what’s going on but the smallest widget I see is labeled as 2x3… Way too big… It’s taking up 6 icon spaces on my pixel 6 pro… Ideally it should be 1x2 or 2x2 max…


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Yes, on this one we can give Wyze a little slack. They JUST got released. There is defiantly room for improvement in a later release. Let’s hope that happens.