Widget for Android/IOS that allows you to unlock Wyze Lock

As the title suggests, It would be super convenient to have a widget or button on my android home page that allows me to unlock my front door that has a wyze lock installed. Going into the app, opening up the specific lock, and then hitting unlock is too many steps and I find myself using the wyze keypad more because of it.

I like the lock but I have a small annoyance with the lock. I have auto-lock set to 60 minutes since I don’t want to door to be lock when I’m working in my front yard but when I need to lock the door manually, it is not user friendly. First, I have to open the folder that Wyze icon is in. Second, I have to open the Wyze app. Third, I have to click on the lock. Forth, I have to wait for the app to get current status. Fifth, I have to click to lock the door. Sixth, I have to exit the app. I have meross garage door opener and it has a widget that I can use and open/close my garage in one click. At this point, it’s faster to use the key than to use the app.


I agree. The lights you can turn on/off from home page. To me that’s essentially the same as lock/unlock. You should just press the lock word and it unlocks and vice versa. A widget would be nice too but probably take longer to implement.


I’d vote for this


You’re a good man mbrindle. :facepunch:

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I agree a widget or an icon long press menu option for lock/unlock would be super helpful.


I was just thinking this - a widget to lock/unlock would be great.


I was just about to suggest a widget or even Apple Watch integration for Wyze. So helpful for me when using devices who use Tuya or smart life.


A simple one-button widget for wyze lock that shows locked or unlocked and can be tapped to lock or unlock. Auto-unlock is unreliable and when I arrive home to find the door still locked, I have to open the app, wait, click the lock, wait, click to open, wait… you get the picture. If I could simply check the widget on my homescreen and tap it to unlock if needed, it would save a ton of time.


This was written as a feature request but moved here since it is still in early access, so sorry for the wording without context

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I think that would be a great functionality to add down the road, not just for the lock, but for all of the Wyze devices that can be toggled (bulbs, outlets, cameras, etc.).

I envision it being a simple toggle widget that you could assign to one of your Wyze products on the app home screen-so an individual product or a group of products you have created.

+1 on this. This would streamline the unlock process and make it so much faster to get unlocked.

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Hmm, I guess the original poster edited and the date got bumped? Anyway I voted even though I don’t have the lock yet. Ironically if Wyze had a proper web interface we could just create a desktop shortcut for this purpose in Android. (Ironic only in that I just left the “where the heck is the PC/web view for Wyzecams” thread.)

Came here from Google search, assuming this feature exists… This is a must have, please consider to add it :pray:

As a crappy kludge in the meantime you might be able to achieve this with the “Buttons for Alexa” app, IFTT, or similar apps that can create widgets.

Unfortunately there are 0 options for the lock for a IFTTT button :confused:

Just hook it to an Alexa routine that hits the lock, no?

I looked in Alexa, not sure what the trigger would be, but for lock “actions”, only “lock” is available which is useless to me since I use auto-lock.

Typically you have to turn voice unlocking on. And it will require a pin code. Once that’s done the unlock function appears in routines.

By default, the unlock function is disabled. To enable unlock , go to the Amazon Alexa App > Device Settings > [Your Wyze Lock ] > Settings . Once enabled, Amazon will ask you to confirm the change by having you to log into your Amazon account. Alexa will then require you to set up a 4-digit code.

Also by default, the lock function is enabled. This cannot be disabled.

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I’ve had voice unlock since day one. No option to unlock in routine action.