Wyze Lock Has Officially Launched! - 2/25/20

Wyze Lock has arrived. Enter the Wyze Lock forge for a look at how these bad boys are made.

Pick up yours at:

Three reasons to love Wyze Lock:

1 - Auto-unlock/Auto-lock: Wyze Lock unlocks automatically as you approach and locks automatically behind you.

2 - Remote lock/unlock: Wyze Lock lets you lock/unlock the door from anywhere. Let someone in while you’re still at work or make sure the door is locked while you’re on vacation.

3 - Door position detection: Wyze Lock has a built-in gyroscope and knows when your door is open or closed. It will notify you if your door is left open and won’t auto-lock on an open door.


Do you have to secure Wyze Lock to the door with screws? I’m renting and I’d rather avoid using screws anywhere if possible.

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The price is definitely attractive.

But I need a lock that my disabled spouse can lock and unlock by voice (using Alexa). Please let me know when that is available.


You do attach it with screws but they go into the existing deadbolt. You won’t have to put holes in the door.


@Wrecks0, I just checked in and Alexa is expected to be available “in a matter of weeks.” :slight_smile:

@WyzeJasonJ, thanks for fielding that question!


Any word on MQTT support or another protocol that would allow integration with Home Assistant?


Gotcha. Thanks for your help!


Would the Wyze Lock funtion if I already have a keypad on the outside that unlocks the deadbolt? I mainly am interested in the automatic unlock from the phone.

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This is great news! Question, for the already known (in planning) functional enhancements to the lock, do you think that they will mostly be software upgrades or require new hardware (v1.x)?

Also, for how long will the $10 off launch price be for? Also I see “discount code” in the shopping cart… how are those codes obtained?

Does the auto lock/unlock from phone work well with multiple household members? Is it geo-fencing/location based or bluetooth or?

Hello. According to this article it seems like the auto-unlock feature is based on both bluetooth and geofencing.

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When will the lock be available through Home Depot or other retailer?


Thank you! I wonder about the specifics in behavior, if I go for a walk several blocks away, then coming back I stop to talk to a neighbor half a block away, will the fact that I am not in bluetooth range prevent the lock to unlock until I get closer? Just wondering… Thanks!

Does the gateway that comes with the lock also enable sense products or they still need a bridge? or bridge and gateway are technically two different things? Thanks

They are two different things

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The Auto-Unlock feature works on a combination of geofence and BLE (bluetooth). It will not unlock until you have entered the fence and connected to bluetooth. After 10 minutes of it auto unlocking (I may be wrong on the time) it will relock if you have not opened the door.

The gateway that comes with the lock does NOT enable the sense devices, you will still need the bridge.


Can it be purchased in Canada?


Thank you Jason!

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Thank you!

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