New lock

Ok, super happy about the lock. Rumor is that they are August with Wyze tweeks. One question, do we know if it will require its own bridge? Several of the ones they sell do.

Honestly I doubt the lock will be wifi as that requires to much battery. I would guess bluetooth/proprietary with as wifi bridge.

I’m looking forward to trying out the lock. I have Kwikset and its had issues from day one. My biggest is that it won’t unlock when I’m within an 1/2 of a mile or if I’ve traveled over a mile away it won’t lock. If I leave it unlocked and check the IFTTT about 5 miles away, it’s still unlocked!!!

I have it set up with IFTTT based on my phone’s location.

Perfect example is today. I physically locked the door and drove over 5 miles away. Upon my return within 1/2 mile it should have been unlocked when I got there and it wasn’t.

Whatever the problem is with Kwikset, I’m hoping Wyze will be better. And I’ll move the Kwikset to the back door.

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I am curious, is the problet with Kwikset or IFTTT or the phone reporting it’s location, have you checked IFTTT to see that the trigger was sent but the lock did not react

I would love to get an idea of what this lock looks like. Also curious about connection options / Hub?

Is anyone else a bit concerned or even slightly paranoid about putting things like your door locks under the control of a technology that can easily malfunction or be hacked? Did anyone else see the Mr. Robot episode when they hacked and took complete control of a “smart” house?

Cameras like the Wyze cams are about as far as I’m comfortable going. The cameras themselves don’t really control anything and when I’m home they are off except at night while I’m asleep.

But things like smart door locks, Alexas and Google assistants that listen in and record everything you say and send it straight to Amazon and Google, etc… Call me paranoid but I don’t want any of those things in my house. As it is, I’m not entirely happy with the Wyze cam clips being stored on an Amazon AWS server but like I said, I only have the cameras on when no one is home.

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I recreated the applets (to lock and unlock) in IFTTT June 20, 2019, both last ran Nov 23, 2019. Both ran 20 times each.

I went out Nov 28, 29, 30 and Dec 01, no activity noted.

I enabled to receive notifications when it runs but never get any.

I wish Kwikset had an app instead of using a third party but the only one they have is Kevo and it doesn’t work with this lock. No Kwikset app works with this lock, they actually suggest IFTTT. Alexa, SmartThings and Google Home all see it but they only control the lock if I ask them to not by phone location.


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I get it. I have the same concerns but I also don’t have just one lock. I have a second lock on the smart lock door and recently install security storm doors, 4 locks total with one smart and 3 keyed. Yes, I know defeats but I already paid for the smart lock so I might as well keep using it.


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@GuitarMan: I am keeping all of my home automation devices on a separate network, behind a firewall. Not that this guarantees anything I know.
I have the same concern though. This is the reason I only keep cameras on the outside of my house. Worst case, someone hacks into them and can see what they see. This would be different from cameras on the inside of the house. How do you know they are off unless you physically unplug them each time?

I have concerns but I just deal with it, there has to be a trade off when it comes to tech, the more tech you introduce the less secure it becomes in some ways. I will use a smart dead bolt because I have a second lock on my door. I was always lazy and never locked the dead bolt when I left. As far as thing listening in or people hacking my cams, Im not overly concerned about that. I keep them on a separate network, I don’t have cams in bedrooms. People have told me that they don’t want devices like Google Minis in their house because it will listen, then I explain how their Android phone can do the same thing.

I did see the hacking of the smart house, I also saw where someone was able to hack and take control of a car, some people don’t realize the amount of tech in things and the second you make it accessible from outside you make it hackable. You either live without tech or be smart about it, everyone will have their own levels of how much privacy they are willing to give up to make things ‘easy’. What honestly scares me are the people who let all tech in and don’t secure anything because of the ‘that wont happen to me’ or the ‘that only happens in the movies’ attitudes.


The home automation devices on a separate network doesn’t do much, like you said. If they communicate outside of the internal network, there’s a way in. As for the cameras in my house, I don’t know to what level the Wyze cams can be hacked but the app can tell me if the cameras are on or off, unless the cameras are vulnerable to hacks in which someone takes them over and changes their functions such as status lights, as is pretty easy to do on PC webcams.

I guess as long as anything is connected to a power source and is network enabled in some way, you can’t be 100% safe from being hacked, but there are steps you can take to minimize the chances.

Hence the reason they shouldn’t use WiFi. Then it would be far harder to hack.

And for the record, pretty much all door locks can be picked in less then a minute.

I have to agree there, the lock just keeps the honest people out and creates a slight nuisance to anyone who really wants in.

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This is why I have intrusion detection sensors and large dogs on the other side of the door.

This is why I have large guns on the other side of the door.

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I am not always home so need other levels of security.

Without using Wifi what other method could they use to control Smart devices remotely?

As for cameras, unless you have a hard-wired completely closed/offline system, it’s potentially hackable if you don’t secure everything properly.

And I know how easy door locks are to pick. If anyone wants in, they will find a way. That’s why cameras are just an added level of security. They obviously won’t keep anyone out but it might help catch them later and in some cases might discourage them from going inside if they see the camera.

IMO, one of the best deterrents to burglars is a dog that barks loud. Even if it’s a small dog that’s useless as an actual guard dog, a watch dog that barks is sometimes enough. Fortunately I have two of those. Natural burglar alarms, imo.

But even if a lock can be picked, turning it into a smart lock that can now also be hacked is just another opening reducing your security. I’m already paranoid enough with a regular electronic keypad lock.

I’m patiently waiting for the Wyze doorbell cam to come out!

I don’t need a doorbell since I did a free test/review for another brand and got to keep the unit.

I have a 25lb mutt that barks like a 150lb beast. Very convenient

The separate network at least keeps the devices separate from the network devices I care about, even when hacked. My IOT network doesn’t have access to my internal network (one more firewall). I completely expect the IOT network to be hackable and make sure not to put anything important in it. :slight_smile: