Wyze lock - locks when door is open

My Wyze lock started malfunctioning this morning. I had to reconnect the alexa app. Then my lock started acting up every time I open the door and leave it open. The lock turns and lock the deadbolt and he put the door in the open position. I troubleshoot it on my own. I do not have auto lock activated, I started a chat with support. They walked me through troubleshooting steps to help me and enable auto lock and calibrated the door. They had have me delete and reinstall the lock in the app. It still does it. Anyone else having this problem? I’m wondering if it was a software or firmware update that triggered this. Wise has no help for me. The lock is two years old so they won’t replace it. Lock has been recalibrated a number of times.

Auto lock is currently turned off.

Mine does the same thing. I have another at another location and that one has no problems at all. Maybe because it’s in direct line of site with the base? Wyze has sent me two replacements and they both seemed to work for a month or so without problems, but then started auto locking with the door open and auto lock turned off. The keypad hardly works now too- having to enter the code at least a few times before it finally works. Increasingly it doesn’t work at all, even after multiple attempts with the key pad. I’ve had to hide a key.

Well, something must’ve updated because it seems to have sorted itself out. I messed with the lock a few times and finally took the batteries out left him out a while and put them back in. I used the auto lock feature for a couple weeks because it’s sort of behaved better with that, and after a while, it just quit locking itself while open so I’ve turned off auto lock and position detection and it’s been working fine autolock just really wears out the batteries to quickly because I leave the door in the open Position most of the day.

I’m having the same issue. Hope that a reinstall works