Wyze Auto-Lock Failure

There is a serious bug in the Wyze Locks that prevents it from auto-locking. This has happened to me several times over the past few months, and I come home to find that my door is unlocked. (Or I am inside my home and someone is able to just walk in.)

Auto-lock is set to 1 minute. It usually works, but I have had at least 3 failures.

Here is an example of the failure:

I opened the door, left for a few minutes, and when I came back my door was unlocked!

@WyzeGwendolyn? Anyone?

Hello @dpryan, Gwendolyn is out for a few weeks, I am attempting to handle things in their place. Have you contacted support about this issue, if you haven’t I would contact them and send in a log the next time it does not auto lock. I use two of these locks and use the auto lock feature so I skimmed back through the history to see if I had any times it did this but I do not see any.

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I sent a log from within the app several weeks back, but didn’t hear anything.

I just submitted logs for this. Log ID 445982.
Previous one was Log ID 369753.

I had a similar issue with my lock a few weeks ago and no amount of ‘recalibration’ would fix it. I had to remove and reinstall the lock from my app and it’s been trouble free since.

Thanks, yeah, the thing here is that everything looks correct on the app. The door “knows” it’s closed… but it doesn’t lock.

If I don’t quite close the door all the way, such that the deadbolt can’t actuate, then the lock alarms to indicate the error and shows as such in the app. So it’s not like it even tried to lock.

I have the same problem and a possible solution.
I have a Wyze lock that correctly auto unlocks and auto locks when leave and return to my home’s geo-zone if I upon return I enter my house through the door with the Wyze lock. However, if I enter my house through any other door the Wyze lock will not auto lock. The door will remain unlocked until either it gets manually locked or the door gets opened and closed. This failure results in a very dangerous situation: the front door remains UNLOCKED even though it should have locked. This failure does not appear to be a design fault for my second Wyze lock works correctly.
The current app has a notification page enabling the user select notifications for 1) the door is open, 2) the door is closed, 3) the door is locked, or 4) the door is unlocked. The unlocked door notification does not trigger for the situation described above. My STRONG request is a fifth notification on the notification page named something like “Door failed to lock” which gets triggered by the user returning to the home’s geo-zone and the door failing to lock after the programmed auto lock delay time. It appears the lock has all the information needed for this notification which implies this notification would only require a SW update. This addition could, and over sufficient time will, prevent the consequences of an intruder easily entering a home and helping themselves to the user’s family, house, and belongings.