Wyze lock keeps asking me to recalibrate

About a week or so ago I noticed my Wyze lock was not auto locking consistently. Now, just about every time I go to the lock within the app it complains that I need to recalibrate it. Which I’ve done, but still the auto-lock feature is sporadic as best. I have set it to auto-lock after 5 minutes, but now, sometimes it locks within a minute, sometimes (most of the times) not at all. The other day I checked the app and the lock was off line. I had to pull the batteries out and back in to get it to come on line again. While the batteries aren’t new, the app says they are at 41%, and based on my battery tester, they are all fine.

I am running 2.1.22 of the firmware. Any suggestions on how to resolve this will be greatly appreciated.

As an update to to issue, the problem got so bad, that the lock would sometimes lock itself when trying to go out the door (i.e. I would unlock it, open the door, and it would immediately lock as the door was open!). At that point I “chat’ed” with support. I think the thing that resolved the issue, was removing the lock from the app, and then adding it back. I did that last Sunday, and so far it is working again, except auto-unlock. That feature, unfortunately, is a complete FAIL!