Wyze Lock appears to occasionally not be auto-locking

I’ve noticed that twice, over the past month, that when one of our family members leaves in the morning that the lock does not auto-lock. It doesn’t give us any alarms that it’s misaligned/jammed either audible nor on the app. There has been plenty of battery power and the lock usually locks as it should. But apparently it’s screwing up on occasion.

I’ve had at least two instances, that I’m aware, where the auto-lock feature on our Wyze Lock isn’t working. The app shows no errors or that the lock has been placed in garbage mode. It simply just doesn’t auto-lock. I discovered this first time a few weeks ago after our teen had gone to school. I noticed the front door was unlocked. So I checked the log and I could see that they had left the home hours earlier, but that the auto-lock didn’t engage. There was no alert, audio or on the log, showing that the door wasn’t aligned. The bolt was definitely lined up. The batteries were over 75%. And auto-locking seems to work most of the time. So I’m wondering if there is a flaw in the current firmware that isn’t properly telling the lock to auto-lock as per how it’s programmed.