Auto Lock not working

I am having the same problem as many others report with auto-unlock, and also with trash mode. They work sometimes, usually not. My question for the community is: Are there users for whom this product works reliably for auto-lock and trash mode? Otherwise, I will give up. Already spoken to support and tried every possible fix. I have already initiated a return via Amazon, just haven’t returned my two wyze Locks yet. One is still unopened in the box.

I have 3 Wyze locks. Auto-lock has worked reliably for months, but recently stopped working reliably on one of them. The issue for me, I think, is that the door open sensor is FUBAR. It consistently shows the door is open when it is, in fact, closed. I have recalibrated it daily for the last week or so, but the calibration only seems to hold for a few hours. Perhaps you have a similar issue.

Thank you. In my case, a reply that I’d received talked about the app having to be open (and on the Home Page) for auto-unlock to work led me to keep the app always open on my iPhone. I’ve made sure of that, and so far (two days) it is working.