Auto Unlock Does Not Work

I purchased the Wyze Lock + FREE Keypad Bundle September 2022. The lock worked great, but… the auto lock feature worked maybe once or twice every out of every 20 return homes. I contacted support and went through numerous troubleshooting steps to no avail; in the end the lock was replaced. The new lock, same thing. I contacted support again, went through the same troubleshooting steps, created a log, uploaded and I gave them the log id number, no response, meaning no one ever got back to me.

After receiving the replacement in October 2022, I’ve talked to support multiple times I went through the same troubleshooting steps 4 times over the last 3 months and also submitted log files 4 times, not once has any support person gotten back to me.

I also had notification issues but those have apparently been fixed after one of the software updates as they are now working.

The lock locks the door almost every time whether the app is open on my phone or not. I also get notifications if the door is opened, closed, left open, etc. I recently discovered, when I turn my phone on in the morning, if I open the app on my phone auto unlock seems to be working, not every time but works for the most part. In my opinion, a user should not have to open the phone app for auto unlock to work, there should be a service running in the background that facilitates automatic unlocking of the lock. Since auto lock works and I get subsequent notifications (door opened, closed, left open, locked…) there is a service running in the background for that, so the question is why doesn’t the auto lock work if the app isn’t running on the phone? I have the app location settings set to run always, not just when the app is in use.

The keypad works, the lock and unlock from within the app also works flawlessly. Problem is it will just not auto unlock if the app is not running in the background on the phone.

One final note, if the door is left open for an extended period of time, auto lock stops working. If you manually lock the door via the app, auto lock starts working again.