Wyze lock not working as advertised

I installed the Wyze lock Sunday and have been trouble shooting ever since. I’ve gone through the calibration several times. I tried positioning the gateway in different walls and outlets. I have auto lock and unlock enabled. I have door position enabled. Here is what I am having issues with:

  1. Auto Lock works, but walking down the block and coming back (iphone in my pocket) the Auto Unlock doesn’t work.
  2. If the door is wide open or just ajar and I press lock the dead bolt will be extended. It’s my understanding the door position is suppose to prevent this.

All other features appear to be functioning properly. I’m concerned if try to lock the door, not realizing it isn’t completely closed, I will damage the lock.

I tried walking around the block and approached my front with phone unlocked and Wyze app running, but still no Auto Unlock.

Look at the location in auto-unlock. Click on edit location, you will see the geofence area you have to exit and then re-enter before the auto-unlock will work.

Thanks for the replay. I’ve included a screen shot of how far outside the geofence I was and it still didn’t work when I returned to my front door. The first time I tested it I was twice as far outside the geofence.

I appreciate your assistance, but I’m just considering it another product that doesn’t work as advertised. Being able to lock/extend deadbolt when door is open tells me the position sensor doesn’t work as it should and the Auto Unlock doesn’t work. Loosing confidence in Wyze products.

Thanks for your assistance.


Update regarding Auto Unlock. Apparently the geofence is much larger than displayed. I drove to the store a little while ago, which is five miles away and when I got home I received alert that Auto Unlock occurred one minute ago. I noticed that after about 10 minutes the door auto locks.

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