Wyze Lock Geofencing Doesn't Work

When I leave the lock closes but when I return it doesn’t auto unlock. My phone says geofencing is running . How do I fix this?

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So many tricks to try. Are you Android or iOS

I am Android 10 on a Pixel 3XL.

I think I’m on 10 also, but a Moto, None of this may help, but a few things I’ve learned in getting mine to work.

  1. Double check all settings related to the auto unlock. Begin with the app. Click on your lock, then gear in upper right. make sure that auto unlock is on and the location shown below that switch is correct. Double check that you have granted access required by the WYZE app on your phone.

  2. Make sure that your phone is allowing what the lock needs, Location services must be on, Wifi must be on and Bluetooth must be on.

  3. You must LEAVE your “geofence area” which is somewhere between one and two blocks from what I can tell, your phone will ping your location outside of your geofence.

  4. You must return to the geofence area and your location services will ping you inside of your geofence as you approach your home. Your phone will communicate with your lock by bluetooth and standing at your front door you may need to practice patience, but within a minute, usually less you will hear your lock unlock.

You must not have your lock screen up and on the app, it will cancel auto unlock. It took me a while, to get it to function, last update much better. Be on the latest firmware for the lock, it is

Let me know if any of this helps.

I checked the items you listed and all agree except for the unlocking. When I leave the lock locks. When I return I waited outside for about 10 minutes and no auto unlock. I was using my phone during the 10 minutes so no lock screen.

as long as the page is not open in the app, even behind the phone app, I’m kind of out of ideas except check battery level on the lock. Perhaps we could get @JonathanF to check in on this, He was extremely helpful to me in getting mine working, and I love the auto unlock function

I’m having the same issue. It used to work, now all of a sudden it doesn’t. I even removed the device and reinstalled it.

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Hello @texbiker and @HollyN,

Please let me know the following:

  • Are you using iOS or Android?
  • What is your app version?
  • Can you double check the location permission for Wyze app? Please make sure it is turned on and set to “Always.”

I am using a Pixel 3xl. App version 2.11.40. Location is turned on to always.

Jonathan sadly my auto unlock is now failing completely just entered ticket 21903

Also on a Pixel 3xl, and location services are always on. Has not auto unlocked for weeks.