Wyze Door Lock- How configure so the door unlocks automatically when my phone is near the lock

My Wyze Door Lock seems to be working great, the only problem that I am expierencing is I can’t figure out how to properly set it up to unlock when my phone is nearby, as i want to use this feature for my kids when they get home from school…Can anyone help me figure out this problem?

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In the app, when you click on the lock and then click on the settings icon, you turn on auto unlock. When you do that, it should take you to a map screen where it will set up the geofence area.
Each of the family members will have to sign up for a Wyze account and then you share the lock with them, along with any other Wyze devices you want.

Also, with auto unlock, you need to leave and return from the geofence area for it to work. So if you’re testing it, you cant walk 100 feet away and then go back to the door and expect it to unlock. The geofence area my case is about 4 houses up the street. The size of the geofence can’t be changed at this time, but you can move it around some.


I have also had this problem on two locks with various users. The lock occasionally works properly but rarely. After confirming correct set-up, I contacted support and was told it was a known bug that would be corrected with an update. The update came but improvement didn’t. I have since contacted support multiple times without any response.

I agree, I have reset mine numerous times and it very seldom works. Very seldom in my case is maybe once a month if I’m lucky. Only for a short time did it work consistently.