Wyze lock unlocks when I am in house

Unlock works great as I arrive home. Then it locks once I am in house. The problem is when I am home doing things around the house it randomly unlocks - I assume this is because it senses my iPhone (in my pocket, for example) as I walk around inside the house, go upstairs, etc.

Is this normal or is there a way around this? When my wife is alone in the house, or say in the middle of the night, I don’t want the iPhone to suddenly unlock the front the door…

Any input appreciated - I love the Auto Unlock feature but not if it is going to randomly unlock the front door while at home. Thanks!

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I believe this is due to the phone transitioning between WiFi and Mobile data. Many phones have the ability to auto switch between the two data methods depending on relative signal strength.

It is why I turn geofencing off as it just is not very reliable. Great feature, when it works. Potentially a huge security risk if it decides to unlock your doors while you are sleeping for instance.


Thanks for this input… I hope Wyze will continue to tweak the product and software; great potential and I love the Auto Unlock when arriving home, but yes, can’t use it if it randomly unlocks due to my movements in the house throughout the day and night…

Hopefully more input from users on this topic so Wyze will respond.

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It’s not just a Wyze issue. Yale, LevelLock, August any that allow geofencing to be used to lock or unlock the lock suffer from the same issue. Some are a bit better but only in degree. It’s more an issue with the Phone than the lock.

Wow that’s bad. And the same phone “feature” is responsible for all kinds of problems setting up Wyze and perhaps other devices. (I’ve only had the issue with Wyze bulbs.)

And it randomly eats people’s data allowances too. Really seems the drawbacks outweigh any benefits for a lot of phone users.

It’s a well known issue and compromise. Just one I would rather avoid so I don’t use geofencing at least not autonomously. I allow geofencing to trigger a prompt asking me if I want to take an action which I can confirm or deny.