Wyze Lock Help

Hey all. Hope all are safe and healthy. If you’re not my thoughts are with you.

I have a Wyze Lock and it was working great. Decided to share it access to my daughter and wife. Got it on the there phone and looks good. The Auto Unlock now only works if we all leave the house with our devices. Is there a work around for this? Can it “monitor” individual devices?

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Right now it cannot monitor individual devices. I wish it would and I wish it would announce who unlock the door or who locked the door but it doesn’t. And I’ve noticed that if you leave one device in the house and you come home it won’t auto unlock because the device that is in the house it’s still views never left the geo-fence. If that makes sense

So I deleted the lock from my iPad because I don’t use it with my iPad much but I was always leaving my iPad home when I would leave the house and then when I would come home it wouldn’t unlock because it was viewing my iPad as never leaving the house

Did you share it with each person having their own account with a separate email address and password, or did you just jive them your email and password? If it was the later, then that’s likely the problem. For multiple users, you all have to be on your own account to prevent problems. My wife or I can leave home with the other still at home and auto unlock still works.

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That’s what I am seeing. I was hoping there would be a work around.

I shared with to make their own account. They created their own profile and got the device. It won’t Auto Unlock if the any of the devices are within the geo fence range. I hope they fix that.

I would contact support on this issue. It should already work that way. For example, my wife and I have separate accounts, I shared the lock with her. Every day when I get home from work she is already home and the lock unlocks automatically when I get home.

All it needs to see is ANY of the devices with the lock to leave then re-enter the geofence.