Wyze lock geofence multiple users

I’m getting mixed messages on using Wyze Lock geofencing with Auto-Unlock and shared users. I have shared the Lock with the wife but it won’t Auto-Unlock for her. We both have iPhones, exactly same model. I have repeatedly checked settings: bluetooth on, Location services for Wyze On and set to Always, Geofence area is correct, Auto-Unlock in app On. forum article says it should work. I totally deleted the lock and reinstalled from scratch and added shared user – with no success. My email back from support says it is unreliable ( go figure). Firmware is I have gotten her phone to Auto-Unlock if I turn my iPhone OFF. Since I have gotten bad info from support on my Wyze cameras in the past, was hoping someone in the forum had an idea. Many Thanks

Well, here is help from no one that knows anything about the lock or that shared experience (you get what you pay for, lol). But my thought is this is a trusted individual inside your own household, so why not share the owner Wyze account? That would give her all the power you have.

Granted a fix may be necessary, but this may be a fast workaround. In the case of a bug, it may be best to post that with a log in Fix-it (first) Friday.

I’ll add my experience with the same use case. My wife and I both have iPhones (13 and 11). I’m the Wyze account owner and shared the lock with her. The Auto-Lock and Un-Lock works great for us. Not much help for you other than it is possible for it to work as you desire.

Thanks for sharing your experience. One Wyze support wizard said that it should work. Another said it wouldn’t, only one phone could be used for Auto-Unlock. So, the Wyze experts don’t agree. I have gotten it to work for a few days, in fact, and then it doesn’t. Still contemplating what could be breaking things periodically. Thanks again for sharing.

I’m having the same issues. The Wyze help desk is telling it can’t be shared by multiple users, but I’m hearing from other that they have no issues. I can’t even enable the Auto Unlock function on my wife’s phone. It always shuts itself off as soon as I leave the settings screen. This is very frustrating.

Wyze should describe this feature as “won’t work for most people”. I thought I found a fix on an IPhone by disabling a MAC address obsfucate feature and it worked for about a week, then it didn’t work and I started to box up the damn lock and return it and my return window had expired so I read some more on the lock. There is the ability to create a “rule” to AutoUnlock. I don’t like the basic premise of how it works because if you drive within about a city block of the lock, the door will unlock and it will not re-lock in 10 minutes – if the door is not opened. But I implemented it on both phones about six weeks ago and it has worked 100% on both phones - several times a day. There was one instance when the wife drove into the geo-fence area without stopping, just passing by on her way shopping, and the door unlocked. Fortunately I happened to be home at the time. The “rule” feature is not optimum but it does work for us. It is obvious that Wyze knows about this problem (if you Google ‘Wyze auto unlock not working’ there are over 200K entries) , But it apparently is pretty low priority as they introduce more producs and solidify their relationship with Roku. BTW ‘rules’ are set from the home screen on the app, at the top of the screen.

I added it as a location trigger in the home tab. It still doesn’t work for anyone except for me(my device). It seems that only one device can trigger the auto lock. This very disappointing as I was looking to have it work for my family members. I’m looking to replace all of my Wyze devices now, as I’d like to stay on a common ecosystem, and not have a mixture of hardware and software.

The rule must be set on each phone.

I did. I’m on Android, but I’m not sure that matters in this case. I also made sure that Bluetooth and WiFi services were on. Also that any battery saver services that would shut down the Wyze app from running in the background were turned off as well. My next step is doing a factory reset of the hardware and setting it all up again. I was experiencing a ton of lag in detection with my cameras, but after I set up some detection zones it got much faster. I really like the tech, especially at the price point, but the door lock issue is a deal breaker. I’ll keep trying.

It also requires bluetooth to be enabled on the phone and the phone within range.

Was she within bluetooth range? If so, that would explain why the door unlocked. Are you and the wife sharing the same account?

The system settings for the Wyze app (not the app itself but in system settings) must have location services permissions set to “allowed all the time”. I think android calls it App location permissions.

The geofence rule doesn’t use bluetooth. It works from 400’ away via wifi and your cell carrier data. The door unlocks when you are about 400’ away.



July 13, 2022 18:47

The Wyze app uses geofencing to unlock your Wyze Lock automatically when you’re home. Through a combination of Location Services and Bluetooth , Auto-Unlock uses a 2-step process to make sure you’re close enough for it to unlock reliably.

Step 1: Location Services recognizes when you’re near your home after being away. This triggers the lock to look for your phone via Bluetooth.

Step 2: When your phone is within Bluetooth range of the Wyze Lock, the Lock will connect to your phone via Bluetooth and automatically unlock.

This is from Wyze’s support site.

[Mod Edit]: Wyze text blockquoted to distinguish information source.

This is true. Unless you use a rule. Since that instruction was written that you quote, they have added the ability to use a “rule” to unlock the Wyze Lock.

If you use a rule the phone unlocks via wifi once you enter the geofence area. From my experience this can be up to 600 feet away. On my Apple phone they consider the maximum blue tooth range to be 10 meters.

It does not wait for the bluetooth confirmation like the standard auto-unlock feature requires. This is totally different from what you are quoting.

This is also the downside of using the rule, since passing through the geofence can unlock the lock even you don’t intend on stopping.

This is from experience. But you must have location services enabled for the app in the settings of the OS and set to ‘always’.

I have it working on two phones (separate Wyze accounts- not shared) and it works 100% of the time (so far, over six weeks)

Interesting. Now your posts make sense to me. Glad you have it working (with caveats).

So that rule I set up in my wife’s phone and it worked. It didn’t when I first tested it, but it did the next day. I have no idea why it would’ve taken that long, but it unlocked for her as she came home from work. Testing on my Daughters phone today.

So the conclusion so far is that turning on Auto Unlock on the lock side will not allow you to enable multiple users. In fact, when I try it immediately shuts it off on everyone’s phone except for mine. Setting up a location trigger in the Wyze app home page does work… so far.

Hooray ! 6+ weeks of testing here with two phones, 100% … so far.