I've got some problems with the Wyze Lock

  1. I’m in an apartment building. I’ve .got the lock set up on my iphone. It is set to auto-unlock
  1. It rarely unlocks for me–maybe 1 out of 7 times.
  2. I recall reading about a “trash setting,” where it will not autolock for a short time so I can get to the trash and back. I ca.n’t find this.
  3. I’m sitting here at 1am. My lock just unlocked. I hadn’t even touched my phone. The app said, “Unlocked - Auto Owner.” It just did this a second time. It does not autolock. My wifi has a complicated password that I do not give out. But I am going to try to check this.

Advice? I’m a bit nervous about trusting the lock.

The lock unlocked itself at least 3 times last night. One time it locked itself again after a half hour. This isx not safe.

It would be beneficial to create a log of the lock and then submit it to Wyze for review. Make sure you contact them directly to get a ticket and to ensure they get the logs.

I have a lock and am not currently experiencing the issues you are. But if the door unlocks automatically, Wyze would want to know about this.

When you get a Ticket Number and Log, please add it here as well. The more information you and others can provide will benefit in the resolution.

Please make sure you include the iPhone App Version you are using, iOS Version, Lock Firmware and Plugin as well.

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Couple of thoughts just in terms of troubleshooting

How do you have Auto Unlock set?

Have you calibrated the lock in awhile?

What is your battery status at?

Do you have any lock/unlock location trigger rules setup.


Turn off auto-unlock.

You said it rarely works for you anyway, but it sounds to me like this is the issue. I believe auto unlock primarily uses the Bluetooth connection to decide when to unlock it. Since you live in an apartment building, I am guessing there is a lot of signal interference going on from other tenants, causing your lock to lose and reestablish the connection to your phone repeatedly, causing a new unlock event. I’m not sure if GPS is involved in the auto unlock decision, but it’s possible less precise passive GPS location is partially involved. The other day my wife’s phone showed she was a couple of blocks away even though she was actually still at home. Then a short time later the location updated to back home again. Something like that may or may not be involved here too.

In the end, it doesn’t matter too much why it’s happening (GPS, signal interference, or whatever else). The fact that it is happening and it says it’s your authentication is a good reason to disable the auto unlock since it hasn’t been reliable for you anyway. I also turned off my auto unlock.

It would be good if Wyze added a schedule for auto unlock though. Like, only allow it to work in the daytime. That would be helpful.


How do I create the log?

`How do you have Auto Unlock set? VIA iOS app.
Have you calibrated the lock in awhile? It’s only about a week old and I calibrated it then.
What is your battery status at? It’s only about a week old and I checked the batts before installing.
Do you have any lock/unlock location trigger rules setup.? Beyond setup? No

Go to the Device / Lock and then click on the gear in the top right. Then scroll to the bottom and tap on Wyze Support followed by Submit a log. I would choose other on the next screen and enter what issue you are having.

The log will be submitted and a log number will be provided to you. Reach out to Wyze and provide the Log and get a ticket number. See what they say.

to get a hold of support go here: https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us

at the bottom is a call option

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