RE: Wyze Lock Auto Unlock

I did some investigating and troubleshooting over the weekend when it hit me. I have Wyze installed on a tablet I leave at home all the time. It has Location and Bluetooth on all the time.

So today, I tuned off Location and Bluetooth on the tablet and guess what, when I came home the Lock auto unlocked. This makes sense in a way, because my account is on both my phone and tablet. The lock probably assumed I was home, despite me being away with my phone.

Fyi- I do have it installed on 2 devices under my account, the tablet and my phone. I have shared it with my wife, but I usually always arrive home before she does.

I’ll be interested to see if it works correctly tomorrow! I’ll keep you updated.

Ok. So now Wyze Lock is available to the general public. Great. I hope and pray the general public has better luck with the auto-unlock feature than I have as an early access backer.

I have submitted numerous logs, and a few tickets. I got a little feedback initially, but not a word about my situation since. This is very frustrating.

I love Wyze and brag about their products all the time. I’m an early adopter and own at least 1 of every product Wyze has come out with. But this is inexcusable.

I have even deleted the Lock and re-installed, but nothing has helped. Auto Unlock hasn’t work for me in 3 or 4 weeks. In fact, out the 100+ times I’ve used my front door, only three times has it worked. Sounds like a great return in investment correct? Heck even articles on the internet can’t recommend because Auto Unlock doesn’t work correctly, but the lack of communication from Wyze (it’s like they just forgot my problem) is the most frustrating.

@JonathanF @WyzeDongsheng @WyzeGwendolyn any way you can help?


Are you on iOS or android may I ask. I’m on iOS. The reason that I ask is I have been having horrible troubles with auto unlock and been dealing with Jonathan with it for weeks doing different troubleshooting’s and settings etc. etc. and we’ve come down to it being the Apple map that they use for GPS. If I leave it on the Apple map and watch it I can see my GPS move all over the screen and it will auto unlock my door when it comes back into the geo-fence area. I’ve only had one time where it didn’t auto unlock when I came home other than that it has worked auto unlocking when I arrive home but I’ve had tons of unauthorized auto unlocks

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As am early access person - I sent the one I had back for a refund. Zero trust that the lock will ever work correctly.


Just got my Lock on Thursday, Install was easy and it locks and auto locks fine. I can not seem to get Auto Unlock to work at all. Anyone figure out how to fix this yet? I am on IOS.


Read my post a couple up and you’ll see what’s going on with iOS

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Sad bro, I hate to do it, but I may have to.

Good luck. Had the Lock nearly 2 months and Auto Unlock has worked less than 5% of time.


Well, I received my Wyze lock yesterday and after some reworking of the door jam it works great, except …

Never once has it managed to auto-unlock. Yesterday after reading more I decided the problem was we weren’t going far enough away (only 1,000 feet or so).

Today my wife left with her phone (which never uses cellular data, but we have mesh wifi around our house, so it doesn’t have an internet connection connect as it gets near the house). The door failed to open when she returned, but she could open it with the App on her phone. WiFi, bluetooth, and location services are always on with her phone and there is no way to turn off the GPS.

Because of a recent operation, I can’t get out and about at the moment, but she then went a couple blocks away with my phone which always has mobile data on as well as the other services. Same results, I had to go let her back in the door.

Can someone point us to a list of all the things that keep auto-unlock from working as well as a list of tips for making it work reliabily. I couldn’t find one.

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Well unfortunately that page does not exist. There have been a lot of people that have had issues with auto unlock and they are working on it to try to figure out exactly what’s going on. I know I am on iOS and I’ve been working with Jonathan at Wyze for weeks and we have come to the conclusion that it is Apple Maps. When you set your location and it shows you’re little GPS icon If you stay on that page and watch it you will see that icon move. It might slide a little bit and it might jump completely out of the geo-fence area and then jump back in an auto unlock your door without you wanting it to. That was my issue it was constantly auto unlocking without me authorizing it. If you’re on android I’m sorry but I cannot give you any help.

It sounds like you’ve got everything under control with Bluetooth on and location services on. Make sure location services is set to always. It might just take some playing around and getting use to it. And I would also suggest bringing in the mavens on this and possibly Jonathan



Both our phones are Android, so I guess they can’t blame iOS or Apple maps in this case.

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Lol nope.

I guess I should consider myself lucky, mine doesn’t auto unlock when I don’t want it to (which is clearly a NO-NO). Mine has NEVER auto unlocked. Obviously I have the feature turned on (although since the lock is shared, she doesn’t see that).

Geofence shows that its running on both our phones … never saw that until installing the lock. When the map was shown the blue dot was in the correct place and I didn’t see it jump around.

And in case someone looks at this thread that can help us, my phone is a Samsung Note 8 and my wife’s phone is a Moto g6, we use different carriers, but as I said Mobile Data is almost never turned on on her phone. Clearly the phone knows where it is from both its GPS and the cellular towers.

I hope Jonathan, or whoever at Wyze, communicates by email. I don’t tweet.

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He would comment here and if necessary pm thru this forum.

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My auto unlock worked ONCE - the first time I tried it. Never has worked since.
I am also not recieving lock/uncked alerts on my phone - iOS.

Just to be sure on notifications for your lock you have it turned on and locked and unlocked both checked?

Yes to both.

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Sorry but I can’t be of more help.


Took the wife out for lunch and when I got home, the door was still locked. By the time I got my keys out of my pocket, I heard it unlock. So maybe it is working now. Will try again later.

I noticed with mine it does take just a little bit of time for it to realize you’re at the door. I usually leave mine in my pocket and just stand there because my hands are usually full with something and it unlocks. It’s not immediate by any means