Auto Unlock Advice

Received my Wyze Lock a couple weeks ago and installed it immediately. All of its features (auto lock, app access including locking, unlocking, and changing settings, door ajar sensors and alarms, and even the alexa support including locking and unlocking with my voice) have worked great except one. The auto unlock feature which uses a combo of bluetooth and gps.

For almost a week I tried everything to get it to unlock automatically when I walked up to the door. Made sure location was on, bluetooth was on, gave the wyze app every permission possible even the phone and camera, and made sure I wasn’t taking too long between entering the location bubble and then accessing bluetooth. At some point I was messing around with the location bubble for the lock (in settings>auto unlock>edit location and noticed that while my gps bubble (the little symbol representing me) was in the correct spot, the green bubble (representing the wyze lock was not in the correct spot over my house. In fact, if I hit the “current location” button while in edit mode, it placed my lock’s location about 1 block south of my house at a location called C.C.J Pruser Construction??? Which I have no clue what this is. So I typed in my address using the house number and city and it found the correct location. I then more accurately placed the lock symbol closer to where the lock actually was on my front door. The weird thing is as well, when I went to set up my wife’s phone to access to the lock it did the same thing but placed her lock location bubble a little bit to the left of mine at a different location called Sterr Mark DVM. Not sure if this is a glitch through the app or through our phones. We both have google pixel 2’s.

While this may seem like a trivial problem that maybe no one else may have had, it worked for me. My lock has successfully worked 4 times in a row now over the course of about 3 days. If this post only helps one person, i’ll consider it worth it. Thanks Wyze for an awesome smart device. I can’t wait to order my keypad to complete my setup.

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