Wyze Lock Install

I received my Wyze Lock today and the install couldn’t have been easier! Took less than 15 minutes only needing two Phillips screw drivers (one medium point for the dead bolt screws and a smaller point for the two smaller screws inside the lock assembly). The tip I wanted to share is that if your testing the auto unlock feature after installing it requires you to go a certain distance away from your location before it will function.

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Yes it’s called geo location. When you Put in your address for auto unlock it should produce a circle. You can’t make the circle bigger or smaller but you can slide the circle around. That is your Geo fence. You must leave that Geofence and then re-enter it for auto unlock to work. And you must get to the door within 10 minutes or it will not work.

Did the auto unlock work for you? Some people have had issues with it so since you just got it I’m curious to know if it worked the first time or if you had to try it several times or how it went. And did you have your phone open or did you have your phone in your pocket? did you have it locked? All these things help us that have issues with auto unlock figure out what we need to do to make it work for us so the more information you can provide if it worked for you the better it is for us. Thank you for providing as much information as you can.

Everything worked without me having to do anything other than realizing I had to go outside the geofence area for auto unlock which was not explained in the install instructions. I had location and bluetooth already active on my phone (Galaxy S7 Edge) and was in my pocket when I approached my door. I have two Wyze cameras setup on a Echo show Wyze skill and Alexa instantly recognized the lock.

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I’m glad to hear it was in your pocket and you did have to dig it out for it to work. That’s great. Can you explain further what you mean by Alexa instantly recognized the lock? Thanks.