Wyze lock bluetooth instead of location to auto unlock

wyze lock bluetooth instead of location to auto unlock

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Hello @hearmeout and welcome to the community.

Currently WYZE Lock already uses Bluetooth in combination with location to unlock the lock. It has to use both because only using Bluetooth would allow the door to unlock anytime you are in vicinity of it, including when you are already home and inside. That is why it needs to see you enter the location circle and then connect via Bluetooth to unlock.


Hi Jason,
What if I WANT the door to auto unlock every time i get in proximity of the door.
Shouldn’t there be an option to disable the geofencing so I can just use Bluetooth proximity alone.
If I set the door to auto lock immediately… and then go outside to get the mail or get something from my car. I want the door to unlock when I come back within proximity of the door. Its super annoying to keep having to pull out your phone or get locked out.

For instance my Tesla uses Bluetooth alone to auto unlock my car when i get close to the door and then relocks itself when the Bluetooth signal weakens … why cant the door lock do this as well?

In theory it could if they allowed it, but it would be a huge safety hole which is my guess as to why they wouldn’t. For instance in my house 90 percent of the time I am within bluetooth proximity to my door and I have autolock set to 10 minutes, so it would be constantly opening and closing. You would also have to remember to turn off the setting when you did not want it to randomly open while asleep for instance. I see it as a huge security risk

I had thought about that as well Jason.
But then I also did a test on my Tesla, When my car is attached and within Bluetooth range of my phone, why isn’t it unlocked all of the time? So I get closer to the car with my phone in my pocket and my wife still cant open it … then I get a little close and she still cant open it… then I get right next to the car and it knows I’m there ? I mean it seems like Bluetooth can be programed in a way that wouldn’t unlock your door unless you were within a few feet due to the sensitivity of the signal? I would at least like this option to disable the geofence and use Bluetooth only and adjust the range.

I then performed another test using a program called tasker which allows me to run programmed Macros on my phone based on different triggers. I set a trigger for bluetooth signal strength and it operates devices based on signal. But I cant get it to work with the lock because the lock is going through the gateway and not directly connected i guess?

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I am not quite that versed on Bluetooth but you might be onto something with signal strength

This is the way.

If a hacker is targetting you and using some kind of bluetooth emulator technology to scan and crack your Wyze lock, you should probably have a more-complex security system. Cameras, weapons, all that.

Would love if the door simply unlocked when I got near it. Don’t want to push buttons, just unlock the door.

Bonus if the Bluetooth device that unlocked the device could be the Wyze Band.

I too would prefer bluetooth proximity to be an option.

Would be great if the Wyze lock could Auto Unlock like Tesla cars do.

This feature is extremely hit and miss. I get a proper unlock only about 30% of the time. I’ve even sat and waiting for minutes just to see if it would unlock and it doesn’t. Even opening the app before, during and elsewise seems to have little to no effect.