Wyze Lock: Auto Unlock with Wyze app not open

My lock auto unlock will only work if the app is open on my phone. This may not be an issue for Apple phones but Android phones have a “Close All” button that pops up when switching apps and its very hard not to hit that button. Also, there are advantages to closing unused apps; smother operation and lower battery drain. Eliminating the need for the app to be open would be a big improvement. (Note, the Kevo 2nd generation originally required the app to be open but now doesn’t.)

A Wyze service on the phone would possibly fix that, but I don’t know if Wyze has the resources to support that.

If you have the newer Android versions, it could be the battery optimization settings causing your problem. I have Android tablets and not phones so I could be wrong. But the way I understand it is that with battery optimization set for the Wyze app, it shuts it down in the background. If you turn that off for the Wyze app, it should keep the geofence active.

Worth a try anyway.

We are working on this. It’s working more on iOS than Android so far but it’s in the works. :slight_smile:


Does this mean Bluetooth still has to be on, just that the phone can be locked or the Wyze app can be in the background?

I’d love it if somehow the team can make the Auto Unlock function without relying heavily on Bluetooth. Maybe remote connection with the phone through cellular and see the location of the device?

I also find that the radius of where the lock is…is a little too big. I tested it and before I pull up to my driveway it already unlocks itself. Would be super amazing to have a much smaller area. Thinking maybe like being able to open a car door simply having the key fob in your pocket, bag, etc.

Bluetooth must be on and also location services for the lock has to be set for always. Some phones will give constant nag warnings about location services being on until you turn off that notification.
Honestly, although there are certainly problems with the lock, the firmware, and the problems some phones have with geolocation glitches, I think at least some of the problems people have are due to permissions for location services and bluetooth.

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I am iOS 13.5 and it HARDLY ever works. I bought 2 locks when they were first released 1 for each door and i only installed 1 because they still dont auto unlock properly. I park my car about 50 feet from my front door and 8 out of 10 times the lock is not open by the time I get to my door. Most of the time it doesn’t even open when I stand at my door for over a minute. If I would of know they weren’t going to work as promised I wouldn’t of bothered.

Let me know if you want to sell them. David

I’m not a Wyze device user yet. Has this been fixed yet. Not sure that the lock will be usable for me if I always need to make sure the app is running in order to use the lock. I also noticed that the same issue prevents the Wyze Band from being usable. Thanks.

I am on iOS and it still doesn’t work for me unless the app is open.

Most of the time my lock auto-unlocks with the phone in my pocket and obviously sleeping. I’m on IOS. Occasionally I have to use the keypad or my Apple Watch because it didn’t unlock, but for me it’s improved quite a bit with app and firmware updates since installing it last January. I would say it auto unlocks for me at 8 out of 10 times.

I wish I had your luck.

My Wyze Lock has a mind of it’s own, regardless of whether I have the app open in the background. I placed a support ticket several weeks ago and went back and forth, deleted the lock from the app then re-added it; recalibrated several times, etc. Still does what it wants to. I sent the logs, etc. to support two weeks ago and still no response. I think Wye is more concerned about releasing products no one needs, instead of concentrating on their core products and long-time customers. Why would I want system monitoring from Wyze if the products aren’t reliable. The Wyze keypad is flakey as well. Sometimes it will recognize me when I enter my garage, sometimes it won’t.


I’m curious how the auto-unlock works from your experience. Say if you are approaching your door from the outside, your lock gets unlocked while you are approaching the door. That’s good.
What happens when you are approaching the door from the inside but you don’t really want to unlock the door since the Bluetooth signal is sensed regardless if you’re inside or outside? Will Wyze lock auto-unlock your door too when you’re not planning to go out?

It won’t unlock if you’re inside. In order for auto unlock to work, you have to first leave the geofence area which is roughly a 500 foot circle and set up when you install the lock using GPS. That also means that unless you have a really large property, even going outside around your yard and coming back to the door isn’t far enough away to trigger auto-unlock.

@raym64, thank you for the useful info. In this case, does it use Bluetooth or Wifi to detect if someone with the phone is approaching the door?

It uses Bluetooth, Actually BLE which stands for Bluetooth Low Energy and is short range.
Typically if mine is working correctly, the door unlocks as I’m walking up to it roughly 10-15 foot away.

So basically, when you or anyone else you’ve shared the lock with is home and the door is locked, you are free to roam around your house inside and out and it will remain locked until you either manually unlock it, use the app to unlock it, or ask Alexa (if you have and enabled Alexa) to unlock it, in which case she will ask you for a pin number before unlocking the door. However, once you leave your property far enough to get outside the GPS geofence area and then return, the lock should unlock as you approach and get in range of the BLE Bluetooth. The other caveat is that when you leave and return to the geofence area, you have to get within range of the lock within 10 minutes I think it is or auto-unlock gets canceled.

It should also unlock for you or someone you’ve shared the lock with when they leave and return, even if other users remain home and never left the geofence area.

All of this is of course if everything is working as it should, but there have been lots of folks reporting Auto-Unlock doesn’t always work for them. I get about a 90% or better success rate now.

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Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! It’s good to understand how it works.

Is there any way to make the auto-unlock any better? Mine fails constantly. Lately, I’m getting about a 20% or less success rate with auto-unlock.

The auto-unlock fails constantly for me. I am running the Samsung Note 20 Ultra with the latest android software that AT&T installs. My Wyze app is the latest version. I’m constantly having to use my physical key to unlock my door. It doesn’t matter if the Wyze app is running in the background or not. Sometimes the lock opens, most times it does not. I also installed a lock at my parents’ house. They are using the latest android phones as well and have the same problem.

Instead of using bluetooth to connect to the gateway (both mine and my parents’ gateways are located just inside our doors, maybe 3 feet away from the door lock and 5 feet away from our routers), I think it would work much better for me if it worked so that when I return home and my phone connects to wifi, the door unlocks.

I’ve also noticed a lot of the time when my door fails to unlock, if I open the Wyze app and try to unlock it with my phone, it asks me if I want to stop the auto-unlock that is already in process. Several times, I’ve just stood there and waited just to see what happens. Sometimes the lock will go ahead and unlock, sometimes I have to stand there 10 minutes before it unlocks, sometimes it never unlocks. It’s like the software is locked up or the lock isn’t getting signal from the gateway.

I really want to like the Wyze products. Especially for the price, but they’re all extremely glitchy and unreliable.