Auto Unlock not working

I have my wyze lock up and running pretty well. One thing that I noticed though was the auto unlock not working. I have read that a blue tooth connection is required for auto unlock to work and so I checked my phone’s blue tooth connections and did see the blue tooth signal but I can’t connect to the signal. I also did not see in the setup process where I should have attempted to connect to this signal. If anyone has any tips I would appreciate it.

Hello @jrwallace96 and welcome to the community.

On Android using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) you dont pair to it like a normal bluetooth connection, it is more a background type of thing. The easiest way to see if you are connected is to go into the settings of the lock and see if any of the areas are grayed out, some of the settings require a bluetooth connection to change so if they are grayed out you are not getting that connection


Are there any tips for getting this working on iOS? I have followed the instructions and the troubleshooting guide with no success. I have heard there are known issues with iOS devices? I have an iPhone Xs so it is on the newer side.

Would love to be able to get this working, primary reason I got the lock.


I have the very same problem with my iPhone on this lock, I would say less than 50% on the unlocking. All other features work fine but the unlock works randomly, mostly when I don’t need it. When it does work it seems to sense when my hands are full and waits patiently until I put everything down on the ground and get the key out of my pocket, then it will open. Yes, I have checked all the boxes and went through the support system trying different things with no help. now I have wasted $$$.

Give it up! Auto-unlock just doesn’t work plain and simple. You may get it to open here and there but it will never be something you can depend on when your hands are full carrying something and really need it. Best solution is get the keypad though not hands free it works 100% of the time.

Do you have Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Wyze set to “Always”? I have no issues with my Wyze auto-unlock. iPhone 12 Pro running iOS 14.2.

How does Auto-Unlock work?

With Auto-Unlock your door automatically unlocks when you come home. This works by using your phone’s location to detect when you’re coming back and unlocking when your phone is close enough to connect to Wyze Lock via Bluetooth.

As I wrote; …Yes, I have checked all the boxes and went through the support system trying different things with no help. I have iPhone 12 as well.

I was replying to @TetsujinXLIV, sorry I should have clarified.

Yeah I just recently made that change. Hasn’t seemed to do too much. The other thing that seemed to work pretty consistently is as I am walking up to the door having my phone out and unlocked on the home screen. Then the chances of it working are very high.