Cannot connect or stay connected to bluetooth. Auto unlock won't work

I cannot get my Wyze lock to connect to the bluetooth, so the auto unlock doesn’t work. I’ve tried to connect several times without success. I’ve been standing next to the lock and the phone is “searching for devices” but does not find the Wyze lock. I’ve tried taking out batteries and waiting. I contacted support and they told me to make sure I had latest version of phone and Wyze software. I do. No one contacted me back when I relayed this info.

IOS or Android?

Make sure you have Bluetooth enabled and allow the app to access your location.

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This might help. 1) log out of the app. Don’t simply close it, log out. 2) Restart your phone. Let it boot up with a fresh BT session beginning. 3) Now log back into the app. 4) try now.

Thanks! I’ll try

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