Wyze Lock (Bluetooth)

I am having an issue staying connected on Bluetooth.

“Changing the setting requires a Bluetooth connection”

I seem to be connected to my back door but not my front door. Last night I couldn’t connect to either.

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do you have 2 separate Wyze locks?

what is the environment? are they close together?

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I have a 3 story town home and the front and back door are on the same floor. I have two bridges going.

they are probably 30’ apart.

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It is also auto unlocking the back door upon arrival even though I have the setting OFF for the back door. Should I be running ONE bridge?

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I’m not sure on that. I’m thinking so. unplug one and try it,. if nothing else its a quick experiment. it sounds like its having trouble distinguishing what it should prioritize for a connection. neing so close I think your Bluetooth is in range for both.

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Didn’t seem to do the trick. In fact I unplugged the front door and deleted the hub and lock and still couldn’t get the back door to connect to Bluetooth.

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I noticed you are using apple products. I’m not terribly familiar with those although I dont think that is the issue at all. maybe one of my @Mavens friends might have some input on this one, or maybe an idea or two.

I don’t think the sort order on the app would give it any different priority…I’m going to have to think a bit on this one. I don’t believe we have had a scenario with 2 locks yet, two phones, yes, but not multiple locks…I’m not sure how the priority is chosen( if you can do that) lets see if my fellow mavens have any ideas. I feel like I’m over thinking this and missing something that should be fairly simple. sadly I don’t have multiple locks though to troubleshoot it myself.

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Your Bluetooth connection to your lock could be affected by many things , the device you are using , the OS you are using, the wyze app and firmware you are using now , your environment , etc

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So it is working fine, I just can’t consistently get into my settings to turn on auto lock, etc. Auto unlock is working fine on both locks.

Should I be running one hub or two? This is my first attempt at doing anything with smart tech.

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Changing Auto-Lock etc. requires that you be near enough to the Lock to connect to it via Bluetooth. If this setting appears grayed out in the Settings, check to make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your phone or tablet, and that you’re close enough to connect.

the closer the lock is to the hub , the better

I am right next to it and it won’t connect. What is the bluetooth on, the hub or the lock? Can 2 locks run off 1 hub?

Both locks are close to both hubs.

Bluetooth is on, the lock

Yes , 2 locks can run off 1 hub

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thats the part I was unsure of. :slight_smile:

Ok I will try and unplug one again.

Even when I went to ONE unit I was having the issue. It is just spotty at best. Like I said it works fine until I want to change that setting, and then only sometimes it works.

What does it mean when the hub is flashing blue? Can you manually force a bluetooth connection? I went into my iOS13 settings on my iPhone 8 and I don’t see either of them.

I am guessing if I go to one hub I will still have the issue though right, b/c the locks are 30’ apart. There has to be a way!

So when I unplug my front door hub the front door works within the app but it now, like its hub, has a cloud icon with a line through it.

I had to be right next to lock and close wyze app from background and reopen it to shut auto lock off. I guess the lock doesn’t have a 33 foot range for it’s Bluetooth. .

That’s good , you were able to set the settings as you want them :slightly_smiling_face:

Still struggling here. Why can’t I see the Wyze locks in my bluetooth options like any other Bluetooth device?

Now I can’t connect for more than 1 second to one of my locks.