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Discover all the latest news coming from Wyze Labs! Note: Posting new topics is restricted to Wyze team members but everyone is welcome to leave comments.


We’d love to see you post about your camera products! Fun videos, mysteries to solve, and stories about your camera experience should be posted here.


We sense that you have some great topics to share here! This is separate from the Wyze Home Monitoring service but is a place to talk about Wyze Sense products like motion or leak sensors.

Power & Lighting

Has Wyze been lighting up your life? Do you feel empowered by us? Either way, please talk about Wyze lighting and power products here!


Live, laugh, love your Wyze products! Please talk about home products like vacuums and thermostats in this category.


We won’t judge your Wyze lifestyle but we’d love to hear about it! If it’s about our audio or health products, please post here.

Services & Integrations

We are at your service with our integrated Wyze experience! Conversations about topics like Cam Plus, Wyze Home Monitoring, Alexa, or Google Home go here.

Wyze AI

Pump up the smarts in this AI category by talking about our AI development in general! This is separate from our services channel. Topics like person detection and other AI capabilities you’d like to see go here!


Welcome to the Wyze Roadmap. Your ideas are integral to our product development process and we want to give you visibility into some of the projects that we are working on. Please explain how you envision using a feature so we can consider your use during development. Our official release notes have the full list of completed features. If you would like to make a feature or product request, please do so in the Wishlist.


Welcome to the Wishlist! This is where you can request features and products. Please explain how you envision using that feature and we will do our best to evaluate all submissions. Before posting, do a quick search in both Roadmap and in Wishlist to see if your request is already being discussed. The “Top Votes” show the most requested and our Roadmap has the list of projects we’re working on and completed requests. Before posting, please read: Here is how the Wishlist works.

Tips & Tricks

Do you have ideas on how to make the most out of your Wyze experience? Share it with others! We welcome creative uses for our products and more.

Captured on Wyze

All those videos you caught on Wyze that you love and think others will love… Or even if you don’t love them and want to inflict them on us anyway. This is the place for that.


We can’t spell BUGS without U. Find out what’s getting fixed in Beta and keep up with Beta updates — we’re getting there! Interested in joining our Beta program? Learn more.


Have you ever had the urge to talk about Wyze but not just about our products? Yeah, we noticed that didn’t fit well in the other categories. Watercooler conversations about general topics can be held here!