Wyze Lock and Auto Unlock

So I just bought the Wyze Lock, and I have to say how disappointed I am with the Auto Unlock feature. My question is: Do I need to have the Wyze app open on my iPhone (on the home tab) it order for Auto Unlock to work? According to my testing the answer is yes. I’m looking for someone to confirm this.

Welcome to the community @troy.parvatton! With my experience, that is not correct. I do not need to have my phone unlocked. I don’t need my phone to be near the lock at all or even connected to the same wifi networks as the lock for it to auto-lock.

Thank you for getting back to me. I’m referring to the Auto-Unlock not the Auto-Lock as you mentioned.

Oh sorry. The ability to use the Auto Unlock while not in the app is being developed . Check out the topic below for information.
Wyze Lock: Auto Unlock with Wyze app not open

I NEVER had an issue with the app open or closed, my door unlocked by the time I reached it. The past MONTH at least it’s been NOT opening at all automatically even if we stand at the door several minutes. I contacted support and haven’t heard back… currently we have to stop, put all of our stuff down we are holding, dig through the purse for the phone and unlock via the app. Where it always stops us and asks to cancel Auto Unlock like we are really going to sit and wait for it to never open… it says this EVERYTIME we get home and has become more of hassle then anything. We have the best WiFi (husbands an engineer for our WiFi provider) we have a $500 router mesh system, and checked everything. Even brand new batteries do not help.

I would recommend calling Wyze support at

I’ve already contacted support and haven’t heard back yet

I am having the same problem as many others report with auto-unlock, and also with trash mode. They work sometimes, usually not. My question for the community is: Are there users for whom this product works reliably for auto-lock and trash mode? Otherwise, I will give up. Already spoken to support and tried every possible fix. I have already initiated a return via Amazon, just haven’t returned my two wyze Locks yet. One is still unopened in the box.

Ours previously worked amazing!! Around mid / end of November is when our issues began and by December just stopped auto opening at all. It’s not the lock in my opinion… it has to be software/firmware related as it was PERFECT from setup… I was a preorder and was massively impressed from day one (about a year now). It did try to Auto Unlock twice this week out of 20+ times of coming home so maybe it will work again soon.

I just installed mine a couple days ago. The auto-unlock feature works, however, I have to stand in front of my door for about 20 seconds. Which kinda defeats the purpose…

Pretty disappointed about this because that was one of the features that I was most looking forward to. It seems that I am not alone with this feature not working as advertised. I contacted customer support about it but that was pretty futile as I seemed to have a better understanding of the product than they did.