Wyze lock auto unlocked in the middle of the night while at home

hi, my wyze lock just auto unlocked in the middle of the night…

the auto unlock feature hadn’t been working for one or two days, it has happened before so I didn’t pay attention. but tonight i ve been home for more than 3 hours, and suddenly I hear the beep and the door unlocked, i opened the app and there it was, the event registered as an auto unlock, so now i’m worried, fortunately I was awake when it happened but what if it keeps happening…

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That has happened to me a lot since the last app update. I sent in logs they recommended I turn auto-unlock off until they figure it out. It will lock its self after 10 minutes if the door isn’t opened. Go into lock settings-devise info and submit a log. Under agent name put Jonathan Feng.

I’ll play Steve Jobs for a minute.

Unlocking automatically is actually a feature of the Wyze door lock. It is designed to prevent damage to the lock during a home invasion. Think of it this way; if your door was locked and someone had to kicked it in then you would have to replace your lock and probably your door. You’re welcome World now everyone call me a genius.