Can Wyze lock automatically relock if door is not opened?

I know that the Wyze Lock is designed to only relock automatically if the door has been opened and closed, But this is a real problem if I change my mind and never open the door after all. Then the door stays unlocked FOREVER!

Has anyone figured out a way to get the Wyze Lock to only stay unlocked for a certain period of time, regardless of whether the door was opened?

It would make a lot more sense to me if auto-lock meant lock the door after this amount of time, unless the door is still open. If the door is still open, lock the door after the same time has past after the door closed.

If anyone has found a way to work around this with Apple’s HomeKit and the HomeBridge plugin, I’d love to hear it. But I don’t imagine this setup is terribly common.

I finally took my Wyze lock off after 2 months and put the old deadbolt back on. I never had a problem with it automatically locking. Once it is calibrated it knows if it is closed, open, or ajar. You can put it in a one time stay open mode by slowly opening it, closing it, and then opening it. It will beep and let you know it is set in trash mode. Next time it has been opened and closed it automatically locks. I never had it stay open otherwise. What I had a problem with was the intermittent unlocking. Once you set the geofence and you go out it and come back into it then it will unlock. Sometimes. If you have your hands full and come back to the door and it isn’t unlocked you have to set everything down, get your phone out, go to the app and unlock the Wyze lock. It was about 50/50 that it would actually be unlocked for you. My wife got tired of it and asked me to put the old deadbolt back on and maybe look into some other brand. I guess I didn’t like that I couldn’t set it to always stay unlocked like my other keypad deadbolts. Once I unlock my other keypad deadbolts I can turn the knob on the inside closed for 5 seconds and then back open and they stay open until I press the lock key on the keypad. I like this because I can go in and out several times without using the deadbolt.