WYZE Lock Bolt - No auto lock if door is open (auto lock only if door is closed)

When on “Auto-Lock” the Lock Bolt is triggered always at the set time.

It would be nice to only trigger the lock if the door is closed and maybe also reset the internal “timer” each time you open the door.

The problem with that is that the lock bolt is very simplistic in its mechanism, as you likely know if you have installed one. It has no way of knowing if the door is open or closed, it only knows if the bolt is extended or retracted.

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Wyze Lock Bolt - auto lock when door closes

Add an auto lock upon closing of the door instead of a timed event like 15 seconds. If you leave the door open Lock Bolt still locks the deadbolt in 15 seconds even though it’s not closed. My Wyze Lock deadbolt has an auto lock feature to lock upon closing and Auto Unlock upon arrival home, please add this feature.



On either lock bolt lock or Wyze lock, when auto lock is on, let’s say 60secs, and the door is left ajar, the lock will happen. Mostly, 60secs is enough for going out and back in. But sometimes you may get distracted and the bolt locks and you walk in to close it, the lock bangs the frame.

So, since Wyze knows when the door is open, could we have an option when the door is ajar with auto lock on, it does not lock. It only locks when the door is closed?



I’m pretty sure that only the Wyze Lock knows when the door is open. The lock bolt I think does not

Yea it doesn’t know the door is closed and that’s the problem. I have both types of the locks.


Wyze lock (silver) knows when it is open and closed. But the Wyze bolt lock does not but it should (black with fingerprint). How come during calibration it ask for open and closed door? If it does that, then it should be able to know when it is closed.

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The answer is simple. In calibration it asks to lock and unlock so that it knows how far to turn the motor.
Also, unlocked door does NOT mean open door…

You would think right.

Yep but instead of them allowing it to lock automatically when the door closes you have to set a time feature like 90 seconds etc and it locks after that even if the door never closed. Makes no sense for it to work that way.

It…doesn’t know when the door closes…they tried to make a cheaper product so they didn’t add whatever sensor it would need to have door open/close awareness.

I did not pay the current price for the Wyze lock, $120. It was much less when it first came out, I am thinking $69 or $79. For the Wyze Bolt I paid $74. I was unaware that the bolt was that more less expensive than the Wyze lock.

Alright, why not use the device that connects to Wyze Lock? Or the one that comes with the Door Bell Pro? Those are devices that connect via Wi-Fi and always plugin. I am thinking all it needs is another device, kinda like how the first set of door sensors worked connecting to the Wyze bridge that was plugin to the camera.

Maybe make a new device that connects Bluetooth to the Wyze Bolt that would allow it to accommodate when the door is open or close.

Wyze shoukd have juat added a finger print to the wyze lock. It works much better then the dead bolt.


My Schlage Encode - a smart lock with deadbolt and no handle - cost $300 USD. The Wyze Lock (silver) and keypad bundle I think i paid $99 for. Will say I’ve had a few interesting things happen with the wyze lock that I don’t experience with the schlage Encode, but I’m willing to overlook them for that price.

I have found that the auto-lock/calibrate stuff is very slick, but doesn’t always work. On my Schlage locks I have that disabled. On my Wyze locks I have it enabled on one of the 3 devices. I have the most trouble with the one where I have the auto-lock enabled. Use cases that cause problems:

  • cleaning lady arrives outside in her mini van
  • uses code to enter rear gate
  • leaves gate open to get more supplies out of her minivan.
  • makes a few trips back and forth
  • closes lock 5 minutes later
  • problems usually ensue - should auto lock, but often will not. I’m not here to look at the lock to see what is happening - maybe it tried to auto-lock in the open state? - either way some glitches.

Other use case where I have issues is similar. Our pool cleaner leaves the back gate open for his entire visit. When he closes it an hour later, it doesn’t auto-lock - he closes it and presses the lock on the external keypad and that causes it to lock.

so i’m not sure what exactly is happening, but having it enabled has created the most headaches for me and log isn’t overly helpful in these situations.

Personal preferences I guess but I much prefer the Bolt lock. I like the integrated keypad with fingerprint scanner, so easy to use. I wasn’t crazy about the cheesy little sticky-tape optional keypad for the Lock product. Also, the Lock seemed to run through batteries quickly, had to be calibrated often, and when I had to replace the batteries I’d always have to remove and re-add the wifi gateway.

The only thing I wish was different about the Bolt was an option for longer than 15 minute auto-lock. Wifi would be a nice to have but not a need to have, for me.

I do have a problem with the wyze lock wifi gateway round thing. I have a theory, though, on why this is.
As I discovered with my wyze outdoor base, which is essentially a wifi extender device between household internet and the outdoor cameras, I believe that my issue is because of the Google Nest Wifi MESH system I have in the house. I believe that for whatever reason, the wyze lock wifi gateway doesn’t like the device, as it randomly goes offline very often. Why do I think it is the Google Nest Wifi Mesh? Well, it has a single SSID for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The Wyze lock wifi gateway only supports 2.4GHz. I have no way of telling the Google nest system to only broadcast in 2.4GHz. I can create a ‘guest network’ with a different name, but same issue. single SSID for 2.4GHz and 5GHz. What I did at one home to test this theory was bring in an older nighthawk Netgear router that has seperate SSIDs for 2.4GHz and 5GHz. I connected my Wyze outdoor base to that over 2.4GHz and it worked flawlessly, and connected the personal devices on the 5GHz with a different name. I am theorizing that if I switch my mesh system (and all 50+ connected devices in my other home) to the new 2.4 GHz network I’d create with the new mesh system, this issue would go away.

If anyone has any other findings or suggestions please let me know.

I would especially love to hear from anyone who is using the Google Nest Wifi MESH system, which they sold hundreds of thousands of at Costco and elsewhere in the last few years.

I had the Google Nest Wifi Mesh setup with 4 access points (recently swapped out for their newer 6e product) but never had any issues with my lock wifi gateway or my outdoor base unit.

I’m in reddit forums with google & nest support and while only a few have mentioned Wyze products having trouble over there, I’ve been the only one to get it to replicate and document my steps. All signs point to either something bad in the Wyze device that does not work with Google nest Wi-Fi mesh. I also have one house with 4 nodes, and another house with 2 nodes. Same problem in both houses with two separate Wyze outdoor base and many WCPv1, WCPv2, WCv1, WCv2 and I simply do not have these issues with Wyze Cam OG or Wyze Cam v3. I did RMA the Wyze outdoor base a while back, and even with the new ones I was sent I experience the exact same issues. I’m in IT…should not have to be to get these devices to work reliably…but then again I’ve experienced issues with Nest camera and doorbell devices as well.

Now that you mention it, I did have issues re-registering my WCPv1 on my Google Mesh 6e. I wound up tossing it and getting a WCPv3 and that works fine. In addition I have a W
Cv2, WCv3, WC Outdoor (V1 and V2) and those all work fine for me.