WYZE Lock Bolt - No auto lock if door is open (auto lock only if door is closed)

When on “Auto-Lock” the Lock Bolt is triggered always at the set time.

It would be nice to only trigger the lock if the door is closed and maybe also reset the internal “timer” each time you open the door.

The problem with that is that the lock bolt is very simplistic in its mechanism, as you likely know if you have installed one. It has no way of knowing if the door is open or closed, it only knows if the bolt is extended or retracted.

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Wyze Lock Bolt - auto lock when door closes

Add an auto lock upon closing of the door instead of a timed event like 15 seconds. If you leave the door open Lock Bolt still locks the deadbolt in 15 seconds even though it’s not closed. My Wyze Lock deadbolt has an auto lock feature to lock upon closing and Auto Unlock upon arrival home, please add this feature.

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