WYZE Lock Bolt - Lock on a Schedule

I’d like to be able to set a time to auto lock at night. I want it to remain unlocked during the day, but at a specific time I want it to be sure it’s secure. Why is something so basic missing?

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The wyze bolt doesnt have internet connectivity, thats reserved for the wyze lock. Im not sure if its possible from a hardware level to do schedules, but potentially a local schedule could be used.

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Auto-Lock currently exists for Lock Bolt:

The problem is that, in the example above, if at 10PM the door is in an unlocked state, the door will not lock as the door is already closed. The door needs to be opened and closed to trigger Auto-Lock at or after 10PM. I’m not sure if this is by design or if it’s a bug.

Screenshot and scenario courtesy of @spamoni :+1:


What’s being asked here is different that what is typically called “auto lock”. Auto lock means that the bolt is locked after a specified period has elapsed with the bolt in the unlocked state (perhaps with an option time window for being active).

This request is asking for the ability to have the bolt become locked at a specified time of day, regardless of the previous state or how long it had been in that state.

I have changed the title of this topic to reflect this.


I agree. I’m pointing out that Auto-Lock cannot be used to satisfy the OP’s use case.

The app’s textual explanation of Auto-Lock implies that an unlocked door will automatically lock with no human interaction when user-defined “has-been-unlocked-for” time constraint ends and user-defined “disable-during-hours” time constraint ends or is not disabled. In the example above, that would occur at 15 seconds past 10PM. But it doesn’t.

Auto-Lock has 3 triggers: Primary trigger “door state (open/closed)”, secondary trigger “has been unlocked for (timer expiration)” and tertiary conditional trigger “disable during hours (enabled/disabled & time)”. The Auto-Lock explanation doesn’t take into account the human-initiated primary trigger "door state changed to closed.

The Auto-Lock explanation text should be modified to prevent any misunderstanding that the feature cannot be used to automatically lock on a schedule. Perhaps change from “Auto-Lock automatically locks your door when it is unlocked for a certain amount of time.” to “Auto-Lock automatically locks after an open door is closed and left unlocked for a certain amount of time.” Should probably make this a new, separate wishlist request.


Just curious, how does the lock know if the door is opened or closed?

Not sure on how it knows. I opened my door and closed it and the Lock Locked. I would expect it has some type of GPS built in, guess I should look it up :slight_smile: . To Calibrate, it says to close the door and lock then unlock.

Not sure. I wish I had one to play with.

Ok, so I just tested my Lock Bolt again. I turned off the timer and the door locked as it was closed. I then unlocked and opened the door and waited with it open and the lock closed as well. So it does not know if the door is open or closed, it will just lock the lock regardless.

Now I am going to retest the auto-lock on a schedule to see what happens.


Sounds like it’s using lock-state as door open/closed state. I.e., assuming that unlocked means open and locked means closed.

Yea, but for those that leave the door open so and set the auto-lock with a wrong timer could damage the door frame if not paying attention


ok, just set the timer and said allow auto-lock after 2pm. the lock is still open, so it must activate from the lock state. To me, when it hits the do not lock end time, the lock should automatically lock. By doing this, the lock would be reset and allow for auto-locking and also allow the Lock to be locked at your desired time.


That’s what I’ve been trying to say. At end time, lock knows that it’s in an unlocked state regardless of whether door is physically open or closed. If set to lock automatically, it should lock. I don’t think the lock bolt has the ability to determine actual door open/close state.


Yep, was agreeing. I thought it would do that by default


I may ask Jimmy if that is a bug or the intent

Here is what Jimmy said:


Think about this…

If Wyze changes the lock bolt to lock at start time regardless of whether door is physically open or closed…


you reverse the logic on the app page to reflect “Enable auto-lock during these hours”…

you’ve just satisfied this request to lock on a schedule.


Absolutely. It will take care of my needs and others. I set the Do not Auto-Lock time and then I want it to auto lock immediately after and it will.

I think this would be a win.


It blows my mind that this product is sold without this functionality. I mistakenly bought one specifically for this basic feature. I hope they understand the issue and fix it. Like the OP said, it’s a basic function!

Lock Bolt - Auto lock should auto lock at start time if bolt is unlocked

Unless the auto lock feature is turned on for 24 hours, it won’t auto lock at the start time if it is unlocked at the start time.

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Hi all! The trigger after the disable period was by design. It was meant to prevent someone from being locked out. However, after lots of feedback we will consider removing the need for a trigger.