Can I schedule a time for Dead Bolt to lock everynight?

I’ve had the Dead Bolt and touch pad for months and finally installed them. I have to say I’m impressed.
I like all the options but I wish there was still ONE MORE.

I would like to auto-lock only at 9 or 10 o’clock at night. Auto-lock seems overkill, but nice option, but working outside or in the garage I don’t want it locking everytime I walk out. MyQ or Chamberlain can be set to check my garage door everynight and if I forgot to close it and it’s still open it will automatically close for security.

I wonder if someone is using IFTTT or Alexa to set something up like this option.

You can create a rule in the Wyze app to lock the door at a set time.

I have mine set up to auto-lock after 10 min (giving me time if i am just checking the mail or something similar) and have a rule set up for Wyze to lock the door whenever I turn the light off, like when I go to bed. Also I use IFTTT to turn off the light whenever my phone disconnects from my home WiFi. That in turn locks the door whenever I leave the house.