No auto lock/unlock via schedule?

I was really hoping that there would be a function where the lock would unlock during the day and lock at night…for example, automatically lock at 9pm and automatically unlock at 7am. I was surprised to see that they don’t offer this functionality. Am I missing something?

HI @rherteux. I believe you should be able to do that with Rules. Something like this lock-at-midnight example:

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Hadn’t thought of that…I’ll check into it. Thanks!

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I used themdg’s suggestion and it worked great.
My locks now lock at a certain time each night.
The only down side I see is it would be better if the Rules had a IF Then type function.
Like checking that the door is in the closed position before initiating the rule.
Time = 9PM
If Door is in closed potions
Then Lock door
If Door is open position
Then send push notification/sound alarm/etc…

But other than that the rule works great to lock the door at a certain time.
I agree with another post however that a GeoFence Auto-Lock Function would be REALLY NICE!

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and where do I go in the app to create rules? Im not finding this.

Main screen
Click the PLUS in upper right.
Add Rule

Thanks. I just needed to close and re-open the app right after set up and this appeared.

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