Wyze Lock: No shortcut or rule to unlock door at certain time? only lock the door?

I would like to set up a rule/shortcut to have my door unlock at a certain time everyday. The only option I have is to “lock” door… which I don’t want to do. Anyone know why Wyze would put a “lock” short cut/Rule in place but not an “unlock” one?


I believe it’s for security reasons. Say you forgot that you were going out of town and that routine was still in effect it would unlock your house Leaving it open until you remembered and possibly leaving yourself open to theft or vandalism.

Possibly… but you would get a notification and then could just lock it again. Plus the opposite could happen as well… I just dont see why they would restrict this type of action. If the auto unlock feature worked better I would not have to set an action to unlock my door around the time I get home from work everyday. Nothing is more frustrating than standing at your door and trying to open it and the having to pull your phone out and unlock it yourself.


I’m with you on the auto unlock issues. I have had my fair share believe me Jonathan and I have become very close throughout this process

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I have mine Auto Unlock when I come home. It’s set up via the location of my iPhone. It has worked since well since I installed my lock . As soon as I come in my drive way, car or walking it unlocks. You might want to try that setting.

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Can you elaborate when you say the location of your iPhone are you using location services is that what you mean?

Just realized I’m on the Beta software so perhaps it’s not on general release.

But on my iPhone I have an Auto Unlock page/option when I click on the lock and the lock’s configuration button (cog wheel top right). When I set it I can set it with a location.
My app version is 2.9.2 .
Sorry if I misrepresented the feature if it’s still in Beta. But the good news is that it works great!

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Yeah is it where it says edit location? Because I have that and I’ve still had issues and Jonathan is aware that the Apple map is let’s just say inconsistent for some people. If you open the edit location page and watch your GPS icon you will see it move around. Unless yours is perfect and doesn’t move around. But mine does and Jonathan does and so does many other peoples it will even jump out of the geo-fence area and jump back in

Yep that’s it. If I watch the Apple map, my location does jump around sometimes, but usually stabilizes if I let the phone sit. I set the location on the day I installed the lock and it’s worked correctly ever since. Although my wife said it didn’t actual work today till I was 2feet from the door. Causing her issues get in till I got out the car! But it worked. I’m using an iPhone X, so perhaps YMMV with different models.

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I also would like to see Auto Unlock as a choice. Is Wyze going to address this issue?


You can turn it off

Auto unlock never works when approaching the door because my wife or I are already in the house. And I can’t create a rule for the door to unlock triggered by motion detection. I can create a rule for the door to lock via motion detection though. What’s that about

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The lock should auto unlock even if someone is already in the house. My wife is already in the house every night when I get home and the auto unlock still works when I arrive. It just has to see a device enter the geofence and the connect via BLE, even if there is a different device already there.

Do you and your wife share a single wyze account or do you have separate accounts and the device is being shared?

We have separate accounts with the device shared

Us as well…:expressionless:. Im android and she is OS

Here it is July …any word on this? Why don’t they allow us to auto-unlock? Like the government, you or they should not decide what is best for us ;-/
We must be responsible for our own actions and if we create a rule to unlock and if we auto-unlock and we didn’t want it to well then, we are the responsible (or irresponsible) party.
Please, give us “Auto-unlock”

I bought the Wyze lock with the intention of scheduling auto lock and unlock. To realize that you can’t schedule unlocks didn’t make me very happy. I understand the potential security risks, but put that on each individual lock owner.

Yes please.

What are differences between Wyze lock and this one? Both are $99.00