Auto-Lock by geofencing

Would it be possible to include an Auto-Lock capability linked to geofencing?

I’ve installed my Wyze lock on the door between my home and the garage. I have a freezer, refrigerator, trash and recycle bins in the garage and make frequent trips in/out through that door. I prefer to keep that door unlocked whenever I’m at home. The Auto-Lock timed functions don’t recognize my presence and the Trash Mode only works for one door open/close cycle.

Since the geofencing capability senses a return into the home area to Auto-Unlock the lock, might it be possible to enable geofencing to recognize departure from the home area and Auto-Lock the lock based solely on that rather than the currently available time selections?

Thanks for your consideration.

Would be great! And even more so if we could set up notifications based on that same geofence (without having to use IFTTT).

I wish Wyze had a Make A WISH function in the community so that we could request features.

Not sure because i haven’t tested it
But under Rules (located directly under the Logo in IOS,
You can add a Shortcut
Click on the Blue Star and there is the Option to (I’m Home) or (I’m Away)
Add an Action, Pick you lock, Pick Locks
and I think This will lock/unlock your door when your home or away.

Again, I haven’t tested this I will later today or in the next few days.

Hey KodeBear, I see a new option to place devices but don’t have the “Home/Away” option under rules. I updated to the latest version of the app to make sure, still no dice. Are you on the beta version of the app?

No I’m not.
However my efforts fell short. It does not work.
It does crate a shortcut you can push to lock the doors with one quick shortcut. But it’s not geofences by any means.

Just wanted to tell everyone who’s following this that location-based rules have been added for some people in app version 2.23! Check and see if they’re there for you and can help you solve this issue.

If they aren’t there yet - don’t fret! The update will be coming to you soon :slight_smile:

I have 2.23.21 and don’t see it in the rule sets just yet.
I do see new notification rules. Which is nice to not have to use ITTT to do that. Which I do today.

According to support the GeoFence rule is only on Driod NOT IOS yet.
They said within 3 weeks on IOS.
So we’ll see!