Product suggestion for the Wyze Lock

Was looking for a feature on the Wyze Lock that does not exist.
It would be nice to have a scheduled lock feature.
where you can have the lock automatically run a lock operation at a certain time, say 11pm.
nice to know the door is locked before going to bed, without having to check it, don’t always have my phone with me in the bedroom.

There is a way to do this if you use Alexa, you can set Alexa to lock the lock at a specified time daily.

If the door is closed it will auto lock after set time expires.

Thanks Jason, I was able to create a routine in the Alexa app to lock the door at a specific time.
just what I needed.


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I did the same thing but found out that if the door is open it won’t lock and if you closed it it will self lock after a set time has expired, whatever time you imputted during set up. I would prefer not to have the auto lock and just lock from my routine.