Auto re-lock Wyze lock

Would it be possible to get the Wyze lock to automatically relocate itself if left unlocked?

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Hi @McLovin. I am not sure if this is what you mean but you can set your Wyze lock to auto-lock if closed and left unlocked after a set time.

  1. Find your Wyze Lock on the Home screen and tap on it.
  2. Locate the gear-shaped icon and tap on it to open Lock Settings.
  3. Tap Auto - Unlock .
  4. Locate the Auto - Unlock toggle and tap on it. This will send you to selecting your home location.
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I have autolock set. I’m thinking auto-relock. As an example the other day I went to go out my door, unlocked it. I had forgotten my phone went back for it and through distraction I ended up going out through a different door. Unfortunately the main door remained unlocked until late that night when I looked to see if it was locked(as I’m new to this smart lock I still check it). I now have a schedule set for evening locking but I think an internal timer would be beneficial to relock the door if unlocked for more than X minutes