Wyze lock says door Open when Closed

Is anyone having issues with Wyze Lock reporting door open when it is closed? When this happens autolock does not happen because it thinks door is open. It is happening randomly and the only work around is to recalibrate the lock. I have to check door status several times a day and recalibrate every day. Also tried tips on resetting gateway and also setting up gateway again. I have a ticket open and submitted a log but just wondering if anyone with this issue might have figured it out.

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Just added a third lock and I’m seeing my status as “open” whatever the lock position. I will try recalibrating it when I get back.


Same boat. 3 locks, 1 of them recently started saying “door open” regularly. Recalibrate only seems to last a few hours. I haven’t opened a ticket yet, searching through the posts to see if there’s a solution.

My recalibrate has been lasting a day. How can the door think it is open and locked at the same time?

How does your auto UNlock work? Mine is working consistently for me but not for other residents that I have shared the lock with. I suggest opening a ticket if you can, the more with issues - the more likely a fix!

I don’t use the auto unlock, so ??? I’m trying to make certain I’ve covered all of my bases before opening a ticket. For instance, I have read that low batteries can cause the lock to act up. One of my locks (not the one with issues) had rechargables in it, showing 9%. Different lock, I know, but figured putting fresh alkalines in couldn’t hurt. Nope, no help. I am also using just one gateway for all 3 locks. Since that isn’t an officially supported feature, my next step install the other 2 gateways and see if that fixes things. I have little hope that it will help, but I detest working with tech support and having to jump through a bunch of unnecessary hoops. So I’m hoop-jumping in advance.

Halfway related, I sure wish Wyze would get around to implementing the EXTREMELY overdue Google integration. I have a relatively large home with 5 exterior doors (one is a slider, and one has an August lock, hence only 3 Wyze locks). Since the auto-lock feature is unreliable, if I were just able to ask Google if all the doors are locked when I go to bed, or have them lock, or something, it would help alleviate the issue. Ideally, both issues will be solved, but I’m not holding my breath.

thanks for sharing. The auto unlock is an important feature for me. Spouse works nights and I wanted the door to unlock when she gets out of the car and approaches without having to fool with phone or keypad. Also agree the Google integration would be very nice to have. Good luck with you locks and issues!

I’m fairly certain I’ve discovered the issue. Or my issue, anyway. I had been running all 3 of my locks off of 1 gateway, which isn’t officially supported. I replaced the batteries on one of the locks with rechargeables (also not recommended). It was shortly after that that one of the locks started acting up (not the one with rechargeables). Anyway, I replaced the rechargeables with alkalines AND installed the other 2 gateways/associated the other locks with the new gateways, then recalibrated the wonky lock. That was 6 days ago, everything has been working 100%. Previously I had been recalibrating daily.

What I don’t know for certain is if everything would have been hunky-dory if I had just replaced the batteries. I didn’t wait long enough after swapping in the alkalines for the lock to register 100% charge (it had been at 9% before replacing). I suspect that alone would have been enough, but since I already added the other gateways I see no reason to experiment further.

Hope this helps!

thanks for the update! Glad its working out for you.
My Wyze Lock is still flipping into Door OPEN mode and I have to recalibrate every couple days.
The Auto-Unlock that I was most excited about works for me but not for others in my home.
Hoping to see a firmware release to fix all that soon.
I am going to be patient with Wyze on this, I love this concept of bringing Smart Home stuff to the masses for an affordable price.
My Scale, Thermostat, smart band, and cams are all terrific. Waiting for other cool products.

  • Smoke, water, and CO2 sensors
  • garage door
  • Google home integration for all

I have to re-calibrate daily, i do not use auto-unlock. Worked for many months without a hitch. Has to be a firmware bug to have worked for so long and suddenly have daily issues. Please fix!