Wyze lock ask for calibration

Hi all, my wyze lock lose the calibration constantly or the status say open when the door is lock, also notice after recalibrate the lock everything is fine when I turn off the location on the phone after a couple of days the status says the door is open or unlock and the door is lock any suggestions will be appreciated thanks

do you leave your door open very much? i haven’t had a single issue or needing calibration when the door is just open and shut. but! if I leave that door open for extended periods it looses calibration and will read as open and never report as closed.

Hi just normal open and close yesterday I calibrate the door after the upgrade and today is not closing at the 5 minutes that I have the auto lock but as I soon I recalibrate again the lock start working properly.

hmmm thats odd and def. not how it should behave. I use android like you do so im going to be fairly certain in ruling out the OS, i haven’t seen any similar reports. how far from the hub do you have it?

possibly in losing connection to the hub makes it so it cant report the correct status. we had something similar happen with the sensors for a small time. although, losing connection to the hub you should be able to remotely lock it either, have you had any connection issues in locking or remote unlocking it?

From the hub is about 8 inches, no connection issue I can unlock remotely.

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yeah that’s definitely not correct in the least. I would start a support ticket on it

I was going to post a link to support, but personally I favor calling as they are very kind people and have always be able to resolve my issue on the call. on the support page it says that they are experiencing high support volumes right now, so a ticket might take a while to get to.

just in case though, you can go though here too. support


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Hello @jaulij,

Thank you for reporting your calibration issue. How often do you have to recalibrate your lock? When your door state is incorrect, are you able to submit a feedback ticket and let me know the ticket number?

Thank you again for your feedback.

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Hi I need to chime in. I have had this issue from the start. I got my lock in Dec. I have to calibrate it often. It’s so scary that my wife believes it’s working n leaves but lock not locked as door says open but its closed.i even last week got finally a replacement lock n it did it out of the box. All updates, all required install, all things correct but still happening. When I called back in jan they said on phone they were aware of issue n working on fix. Well its 6mo later still an issue. When I started calling or doing support again as phone does not work I had submitted a bunch of door status logs. No one can tell me what problem is n now that its happening to this replacement I am worried that there is something that they r not telling me. I have been a big backer of wyze but this is a serious problem n needs to be fixed as it’s a safety issue. I had been dealing w Marczeus at wyze but have not heard back in a week on this new lock having same issue. Someone fix this it’s a serious safety issue.

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