Wyze Lock door open/closed calibration problem?

Just installed the Wyze lock yesterday - very easy! However, I can’t seem to get the door open/closed sensor to work properly (one of the main reasons I got this). I have calibrated it multiple times over the course of 2 days, yet it inevitably thinks the door is ‘open’ even when it is closed. After calibration, the Android App will say ‘closed’, but then after a little while, it will change to ‘open’ (the door was untouched).

I have tried calibrating with the door open but touching the jam and up to a couple of inches away from the door jam, but eventually it still registers as ‘open’.

Any ideas why?


I have the same problem. I have to re-calibrate the door sensor every 2-3 days. It works for multiple open/closes but eventually it gets stuck in the open state until the next calibration.