Wyze Doorlock keeps saying my door is opened but its not!

I am having this issue for a long time already and it is getting very annoying and frustrating. The Wyze door lock will keep saying the door is opened and have the alert goes off. I have to re-calibrate the door sensor every 2-3 days.

Besides that. The door lock never update the battery status even I replaced the battery and I got to delete it from the app and add again.

I am not sure whoelse is having similar issue?

It used to be very good and reliable, but I am not sure what’s going on and my patience is running thin. I am thinking to get another brand’s door lock soon.

For the showing it is open issues, you may need to calibrate it again. Sometimes, it may get confused and a calibration is necessary.

I would try this first.

Then I would clear your App Cache from within the Wyze App. This is located on the Account Menu, App Settings. Note: you will lose your Camera Thumbnails until you r live stream again. Then log out of the app, also found on the Account page at the bottom. Please be careful, you will need your login info including the 2FA process if you enabled it.

Restart the phone and try again.