Wyze Lock- Unlock/Calibration problem

I am Wyze lock user for last 4-5 months now. From get-go I had multiple problems.

  1. It never unlcoked automatically. So I fooled it to believe I am 5 blocks away from my house. So it started unlocking 5-6/10 times.
  2. Now that feature has not worked in last 1 month after last update. But that is not my most worry.

My biggest problems-

  1. I have to calibrate this lock daily. DAILY. It loses calibration if my door is open for 2-3 minutes when we are getting groceries or saying bye to our guests.

  2. Many times it thinks door is open when it is closed.

  3. It unlocked itself 3 times so far when we were sitting in living room. Watching TV- and my wife and I hear lock unlocking for no apparent reason.
    Now my wife hates this lock. Wants me to return it but we have passed that point. Also I believe it is a s/w problem and probably be fixed soon .

Need help.

Iā€™m in the same spot as you every time I left the door open It lose calibration I have to calibrate every day , I tried everything the support said and now the sent me a replacement , I hope to have better luck with this one.

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I have talked about this on reddit, they said they will look into it. That there will be a new update. But nothing has helped. It actually got worse if I have to be honest.