WyzeLock Firmware update broke the calibration

On the previous firmware (the one the WyzeLock shipped with) I was able to get the calibration to set correctly. But after the firmware update I was forced to recalibrate and now it tries to lock the door when its still open. Ive repeated the calibration about 13 times now, and every time it still tries to lock the door when its just cracked open (an inch or less.) When doing the calibration I tried different open positions of the door, but nothing seems to help. It always wants to lock even with the door cracked open.

Any way to DOWNGRADE the firmware of the Wyze lock? The newer version fixed nothing (auto-unlock is still crap) and I don’t give two craps about the “Trash Mode” that takes longer to activate than just walking out the door to take the trash out and get back to the door…

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@smpl - did you ever find a solution?