Disappointing Wyze Lock

I’ve been really patient but I am really at a point of pulling my wyze lock.
I don’t feel like any one is addressing these clear lock issues

  1. Door Open. My door still flips into “door open” status when its closed and has to be recalibrated several times per week.
  2. Auto Unlock. The other members of my house get no value out of auto unlock. Only works for me and their settings are identical to mine. The last support response told me to close my app so others might work but this does not solve the problem. And it doesn’t make sense anyway - everyone living in my house should have the benefit of auto-unlock when they come home.

If this is not fixed soon I am selling my wyze lock on ebay and going back to my former more predictable smart lock.

If any one has figured out how to have multiple users with auto unlock -0 please share your secrets!