Wyze Lock Bolt needs rules integration with entry sensor (security risk with auto lock)

In my opinion, this is a MUST HAVE.
If using the auto lock feature (mine was set to 5 minutes), it needs to be able to determine whether it SHOULD lock or not. I have had it happen so many times since November, where someone is going through the door, and it locks while open, causing the deadbolt to slam against the jamb.
This morning it happened when someone who is staying with us went out the door, for whatever reason didn’t notice, and the door came wide open after they left, causing the heat to stay on for 1.5hrs until I could get to it to close it.

Not only is this extremely annoying, it makes the ‘auto lock’ feature a potential security risk, rather than a security improvement.

There should be a rule that can be set based on an entry sensor, that would allow it to lock, only if the sensor is closed, and maybe use the ‘has been closed for’ a certain amount of time to trigger the lock.

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