Wyze Lock: auto-lock short time

I would love the auto-lock timer to have an option of 5, 10, 15, and 30 seconds.

I installed Wyze Lock in my apartment and the way they created the door it swings shut behind you. This causes some issues with the lock that could be fixed with a short timer for the lock.

  • The door doesn’t always shut completely and even with multiple calibrations I haven’t been able to keep the lock from smashing the door frame. (I might need Wyze support to help me troubleshoot this.)

  • I may want to make a couple trips from my car and unlocking the door every time I bring an armful of groceries in is annoying.

  • 1 minute is too long to wait for the door to lock when you leave if you want to verify it locked correctly before you get in your car.

A 5 or 10 second lock would give me enough time to put my stuff down and push my door 100% closed. When leaving it would be short enough to hear it lock before getting too far away.

I agree, the timer is too short because if you are using a “door closer” piston-type mechanism that can result in the lock closing before the door is fully closed and damage the door frame. Its not great.